You are playing the game wrong

I have read a lot of messages on this section and other platforms and I came to conclusion that people play 6 mains not 1 main + 5 alts. If you are doing Guardians Raids and Chaos Dungeons everyday on 6 characters that is basically having 6 mains because each character takes 16.6% of your time (100% of your time/6= 16.6% each character. In my opinion your main should take like 50%-60% of your time and the rest time allocated to your alts.

I see people already with 6 tier 3 characters, how is that not 6 mains I don’t know and then complain that they burn out, maybe chill and do dailies with rest bonus twice a week on your alts and then you will enjoy the game.

Alts are supposed to farm gold and silver for the main character but people are playing alts as mains rushing them to tier 3. If people would play alts as they should be, alts would be tier 1 or 2 maximum.

If you don’t want to burn out that’s how you are suppose to play the game:

Main character

  1. Do Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids Daily (25 mins max)
  2. Do Una’s Task Daily (5 min max with bifrost locations )
  3. After that do compass activities, stronghold boat and rapport.


  1. Do Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids every 2 or 3 days only with rest bonus (you get 50%-67% mats if you skip that day, still something than not playing)
    If you enjoy Chaos Dungeon on alts than you can do them daily as well as your main ( I don’t do them as they are repetitive and boring as Guardian Raids)
  2. Una’s Task daily (30 min max on all characters with bifrost locations)

After you finished all reputation change all bifrost for loopang to farm silver when you get low.

Instead of grinding 7 out of 7 , you just have 2 out 7 days where you have to grind on alts and abyssal dungeon for gold.

You guys might be 1% that achieved high ilvl, but I am 1% that enjoys this game. Remember this is a marathon not a race.


Ever heard of whitespace? :slight_smile:

If there is only 1 way to play then it won’t succeed in Western markets.

Have we already reached the point where even in the gaming world we have to tell others how to play/live?

Is there no such thing as an own will anymore?
Can’t everyone decide for themselves how to do something?

I don’t know if many have forgotten, but games are first and foremost about having fun.
And everyone can decide for themselves how to have fun.

Stop telling other people how to do things.


I’m pushing as much characters to T3 cuz I will need it later on lmao. Main is chilling at 1385, alts (1335, 1050, 1000, 690, …) why? T3 lopang silver is insane and I just want to stack A LOT of mats/gold

I play around 5-8h a day, and I enjoy it. If I’m not feeling it for a bit I take a break and play sth else or just do some work.

Why? Because I want as many mats possible by the time Valtan releases so I can go on a honing spree.And to push as many characters to 1415 the moment Valtan releases because Gold inflation will hit. Plus having alts running Legion raids > running choas and guardians.

So for now I’m pushing as many character as I can to 1325-35 and I sell all the t3 mats I can so I can buy back when prices drop significantly.

(Im absolutely not f2p but I’m not gonna spend any more g’s untill deeper in the endgame.)

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Now we’re already at the point where you feel backed into a corner and start claiming things to justify and defend yourself?

I don’t play 6 chars and I never claimed that.
Quality instead of quantity.

Just stop telling people what to do and let people play how they want.

Firstly, not sure why this is in Game Feedback and not General Discussion. Secondly, people are allowed to play however they want to. Wanna play just one character regularly? awesome. wanna play 6 regularly? cool. I play 1 main and 1 alt because i barely have 50 minutes an evening to play, but if people have more time and wanna play 6 characters to T3, power to you. l’m not sure why you have made a post in the Feedback forum complaining about how other people want to play.

What I can definitely agree on is that people that complain that they are burned out play a lot of alts. They want to play as efficiently as they can but understandably they get bored with too much repetetivnes

Bro you have advantage play 6 main,
increase chance to get golden class book from chaos dungeon + abys dungeon

6 main mean 12 chaos dungeon + 12 abys dungeon run per days
also have huge chance to bosh rush ticket and cube that can making gold from this ticket

now i am rushing other character to 1370 since my main reach 1385, i want do multiple argos and oreha hard every week if my other main can reach 1370

You can’t farm gold on them unless they’re geared to do t3 content? And how do you intend to gear them if not by doing dailies and weeklies?