You are running out of time to fix this 💔

I don’t know when you’re going to learn the meaning of urgency. Stop asking for patience and time, you aren’t getting it - you did this with New World, and now long after that game is completely dead issues that players we’re complaining about in month 1 still haven’t been addressed.

The brutal reality is that if you require the amount of time you’ve been taking for things as simple as communicating with the community, you are not logistically equipped to manage games of this size plain and simple. I’m not saying it isn’t difficult, because it absolutely is, however it’s important to understand your limitations.

I am not going to start a biomedical company tomorrow, because I just can’t - I don’t have the resources or the expertise, it just isn’t a possibility for me and that’s ok.

On the other hand, the games you continue attempting to be involved in require more than you have the capacity to produce - I don’t know if this is a lack of expertise (as a large portion of AGS’ portfolio prior to New World was mobile games) or if you just don’t have the staff to manage these projects, but you guys are clearly in over your heads.

I lean more toward expertise, as some basic issues like community messaging are just completely absent - this thread borders on insulting:

Not a single word about honing rates, content release rates - yes the technical issues going on with the game are significant for the players experiencing them, however the real problem going on right now is the direction AGS appears to want to take the game in. I’m not saying SGR is innocent in all of this, as they allowed you to go forward with these decisions presumably (as none of us actually know the details of the publishing agreement you have with them), however it is interesting that many of these choices specifically financially benefit AGS and are directly at odds with the way content has been released in other regions.

It just feels a little weird to think that the western release has gotten a version of the game that just so happens to fly in the face of everything the game director has said he designs the game around, and is also at odds with every other version of the game.

You guys need to put out a statement immediately, and explain what you’re going to change by next weeks patch.

You do not have time, we are out of patience.

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Something I left out of my original post may on second thought be one of the most relevant indicators as to who is behind this. One of the most mind boggling changes that was made to our version of the game, which has NEVER been made to any other version of Lost Ark is the change to Oreha’s Well hard mode from 1355 to 1370 - this was done to exacerbate the difficulty in accessing Argos, motivating players to swipe their credit cards to access the new raid.

**** AGS and Smilegate RPG Update Response ****

Absolutely, this situation has been a mess that has seriously hurt the players trust in AGS (and SGR for that matter). It is however important that we recognize when they do things right, or we lose all ability to claim we’re impartial and objective in our criticism. Yes there are still issues in the game we need addressed, bots are one that come to mind, but they are listening to us and they’re willing to make changes.

We have to take everything in it’s own context, and on this issue at least they’ve done something.


Their lack of communication is the biggest issue. They need that road map a month ago. You’re making millions so work 24/7 at this point to get it done.


There is a complete lack of urgency on their part - they seem to think they have forever to fix this and that the community favor Lost Ark has built over the past few years will carry them through this.

Western players don’t know anything about that, all they know is this pay-to-even-access-content version of the game that exists right now.


Communication is the biggest issue. The roadmap probably has been delayed multiple times in order to fix current issues instead of looking in the future.

But this post isn’t really a productive conversation. The western release is probably the best releases out of all of them. We probably had the most content to do at release. If anything blowing through all that content and complaining that there isnt more is more your problem than the devs.


I agree 100%.

I also think its weird and naiv that everyone here protects the community managers and saying they are doing everything right and so on…

The community managers should communicate with the community, transportating community feedback to the devs and so on.

Everything I see from the CM´s is, that they comment with the same scheme over and over again, like “we acknowledge this issue and working on a fix…please be patient bla bla bla…”

But nothing changed, some hotfixes and…nothing else. It feels like that the community managers are on vacation and only bots commenting here.

Twitter is the same, “what turtle do you like bla bla” poll and if an user asks something, the only answer is some copy-paste botlike phrase.

They should maybe pressure the decision maker, because all the changes and updates we got seems like someone who didnt even look once in the game or the forum, discord or any other lost ark related medium.

They are community managers for mobile games, but not for large-scale MMORPG. Maybe they are unexperienced and freshly graduated from college, or they worked at failed games. That’s the sad truth that no one wants to say


It’s unreal how little communication we get. People had a day to prepare for Argos and then they said they’re revising their Roadmap to better suit the progression of players. On another thread a CM said it might be weeks before we get the Roadmap, that’s just unacceptable. At least come out and apologize for Argos or say something to the community about what they are thinking. They can just explain where their heads are at with the data they have and what they are thinking even if it’s not set in stone at the moment. They said they would be focusing on better communication after launch and they’ve failed miserably.


They found out that they can milk whales and low spenders harder. Now they are optimizing their road map to milk them even harder.

They didn’t even fix procyon compass’s time issue. Such a basic problem to not fix into 1 month of release. I get that this game didn’t release in a way that there were people from different countries could play before but this is a global release. These kind of small problems always feels like the product is a low quality one.

Not having a roadmap on release for contents that were already released in other countries is just pure laziness. Most mobile gacha games that gets released in west years later even have that at release.

Although I got some founders packs, for me and my friends, I’ll wait on buying anything until they fix glaring issues and give us the content. Not having most of the material grind content and having lowest honing rates feels like a scam to me.

I still don’t understand how they released this game like this even though the developer of the game said these things almost killed the whole game in Korea.


Yeah so the more problems they run into the more fixes they need. The more current game fixes the more likely the roadmap is gonna be delayed.

Tbh i aggree that communication needs to be better cause all we’re doing is speculating on whats going on. But i wish more of yall had enough critical thinking to understand that its not as easy as you think it is.

What would happen if they released a roadmap now, and they never hit a promise date on that roadmap. What kind of reception would yall have if every patch was minor compared to what they said itd be due to fixing the current content. Yall would be even more raged out then you are now.

The way i see it, we need communication, but communication thats accurate. A roadmap would be great, but what i dont want is a roadmap thats just gonna keep getting delays and unpromised release dates. So all in all, game is barely a month old and weve already seen a content patch which is way better than most mmos now which wait years to give us anything cough shadowlands cough


I will say compared to New World, that seems to be the extreme minority AND it’s only ever defending the CM’s themselves which I can honestly get behind; just look at this thread as an example, we’re all lining up on once side of this issue together as a community. CM’s have a list of questions they’re allowed to answer, and that’s set by management; sure, they could post something we want them to say once, but odds are they’re just fired after that.

The real issue here is management at AGS, so many decisions made to cut corners, hold back information, and a fundamental inability to properly evaluate the temperature of the community.

Do I think CMs could be doing more? In some ways yeah for sure, but I want to make sure the focal point of these issues is targeted at the people making the decisions that have landed up where we are.


Dude, why compare apples and oranges? Shadowlands was very poorly handled, no doubt, but that’s actually new content they were creating. In this game it’s not new content. The content is all created, and has been created, long ago in Korea. Pumping it out isn’t like creating new content at all.

AGS has to realize that a substantial portion of the community is currently in maintenance mode with this game (at best) pending clarity on the gameplan for timing of key things like further content, honing changes (especially since they have solicited feedback on this issue), class releases and so on. There really isn’t very much time for them to address these at this point, because players won’t stay in maintenance mode for all that long – a few weeks, a month maybe at the most before they just lose interest in the game overall, and if that happens, then the whale revenue stream drops because whales generally only like to spend in games where there is a significant number of people paying attention to the game.

We will see what Amazon does. They did a very, very poor job under similar pressure last fall with New World. That was a very different game, however, because it didn’t have the warehouse of already-created and available content to simply pump into this version – in New World they were stuck with a bad game that they made themselves. They made it worse by mismanagement of it, for certain, but a lemon is a lemon at the end of the day. Lost Ark is not a lemon, but there is a clock ticking at this point based on what happened last week.


Probably because minority of people who complain in the forums does not represent hard data?

Also, this is the most user friendly and easiest progression version of Lost Ark at the point of Argos release yet all these people do is whine and twist facts?

I do agree AGS is not doing a great job especially with communications but just because some people complain about a non issue it does not mean they should jump and respond over real critical technical issues


This is not a new game, and the primary issue the player base is dealing with right now is the fact that specific content and systems we’re removed to create a progression trough between 1340 and 1370, in concert with the first content release requiring 1370 for the purpose of motivating players to spend money to access new content.


That’s not accurate at all - the very first release of Argos in Korea had SIMILAR issue, but also had challenge abyssal and guardian raid as extra material sources which we are lacking. In Russia however that was not the case - they already have all the lessons the game has learned from it’s prior failures, however they’ve chosen to set the early progression curve, when the largest number of players are actively playing and willing to spend, at such a pace that many players are heavily motivated to spend money just to ACCESS the latest content release, which is not something that has been an element of an average Lost Ark players experience for a long time.

There is a reason all the largest streamers from Russia and Korea and making large reddit posts and posting rants from their streams about the current state of the game, because to an experienced player it’s very obvious what is happening and why it’s happening - needless greed.


You ignore the fact that we have welcome challenges and also additional sources that were not available at the time.

I wholeheartedly agree they shoukd inplement missing contents because T3 feels pretty barren and more mats are always welcome, but most people do not even know that these are weeklies or one time onlies, and loudest voice is about honing rates.

Honestly, I agree that the pace feels too rushed but it is going to slow down. Catch up mechanics will come. People need to stop whining when the game is clearly on a rush mode to push out contents upto Legion raids at the moment. Just sit back and chill.

Bigger problem currently is the issue with bots, cheats and poor service on the technical side. They should not care about few people who got their epeens hurt

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Something something 40% damage reduction buff till 1400 korea user friendly xdd

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The CM´s have to work with the rest of the team closer together. They need to clarify the urge of the problems the game currently has. They are not like lapdogs, they maybe need to pressure the team and not just accept everything that got decided. I dont think AGS want that this game dies, but it seems that the communication between AGS and community is missing, and who is responsible for that? -->The community managers


And 1400 does not even get you to Valtan. Qhat is your point? They literally have months of contents ahead of 1400 to keep you occupied. We currently have what at T3?
T1 and T2 honing came cookie cutter island mats yet people still complained. Enough said.

Also reading comprehension so hard. Mokoko buff is a recent thing not something that was available at the point of Argos release.

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Not even sure what this is supposed to mean.

“this is the most user friendly”
right now they have the buff, islands, catchup.
How do you compare that to us? Again,makes no sense



It’s called obfuscating - it’s when you intentionally misunderstand something. That’s what he’s doing.