You can change your main class, to something else

What class you choose right now ? And why ?

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I wouldn’t swap my main. Scrapper supremacy


Deadeye until I quit the game

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Started as paladin main 1416 but slowly switching to scrapper taj 1385 as of right now, and moving pally down to co main… scrapper is just to much fun and realy nice dps

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Ur a gourmet bro

Demonic or Reaper

Havent played Reaper enough on RU to know how much i will actually like the gameplay but the class is very cool, especially when my bae looks like a tar monster in form now

Destroyer in 3 days. Have artilerist 1415 so hopefully i can switch him soon.

Currently playing Deadeye Pistoleer, thinking about switching to Striker. Paladin would also be an option just because of the support shortage, but it isn´t as much fun as striker.


Scouter once it gets released, until then scrapper all day every day no need to change.

i tried 6 different classes and i couldn’t choose any of them to be my new main,

playstyle wise i enjoy playing my male characters, i don’t mind supporting as pally and the playstyle is super simple, i also started gunlancer recently and i love the playstyle, just hate questing on him because i feel slow moving around the map,

unfortunately don’t want to main a male character because i dont like buying skins for male chars, and for me end game is 99% vanity skins