You can do another maintenance: Error 21030

After the maintenance I moved the epic recipes from my personal stash to my Char Stash and now I can’t move again to the personal stash and Im getting the Error 21030 message.

Of course I cant open them, but I have to be forced to waste 1 slot of my Char Stash to get them because I cant move in again to the Personal Stash?

Edit: I cant divide them so the 1x (20x20x) chest I had before in the stack I cant use it or move it too. So I lost one legit cool chest for your errors and 1x slot in my char…

You fix one thing to break three more.

Any update ?


Encountering the same error 21030 when trying to open epic class engraving books from a chest. Pulled the stack of engravings chests from personal storage into my inventory, then right clicked to try to pick and use a book and the error comes up.

In the chat menu, once you try to select a book and click Select Item then OK, there is also a message: You cannot use or equip this item.

We’re stuck with a “dead/lost” inventory slot as it cannot be returned to the storage and no engraving books can be extracted from it.

They are locked, already being adressed next patch.

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