" You cannot block more than 100 Players "

Can we get this increased as you haven’t a solution to the current bot problem but now I can’t even block annoying players talking about their pizza delivery in area chat.


Just uncheck the “Block this player” box… You can just report them and they should be reviewed by whichever team in AGS are handling reports.

just delete the bots from your list after aprox 30-min to 1h they are all gone by then :slight_smile:

I just report n training my eyesight at the same time trying to read chat between bot message… like shown below :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

any1 find tooki

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lfp tooki

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tooki where

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[Sailing Voyage] here toki

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always funny

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That’s the best solution, marked.

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Without hitting that button, chats are spammed until ban, should increase the cap until they have active gms and that won’t happen because the staffing would be too much die to the amount of channels.

Yes, untill that just make another text channel using the + button and check the text you want, I made one for system and one for party so it’s much better now.

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Yea you can clean out your block list but that’s still tedious to do when it’s a problem that the players aren’t causing that the game should be solving for us.

Look. we can fix this botting problem overnight if we just ask for a two factor authorization for new account creation and then bind it to that. That means a phone number or an Amazon account or anything else other than just a Steam ID that we already know the bots have millions of.

In Korea botting isn’t a problem at all because to register in any online game in Korea you need to register with the equivalent of your Social Security Number. I’m not saying we need to go that far, but we can go further than this if it means cracking down on having bots ruining the game and driving up queue times.

Also it seems mighty insulting that I need to spend 5 minutes booting the game up because this anti-cheat software needs to work its way through my PC when it CLEARLY isn’t effective because there are thousands of bots on every server running damage and speed hacks.

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Additionally, if a bot account is permabanned from the game for gold selling, remove them from blocklists automatically. Simple as that.

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The issue here is Amazon put it’s game on Steam and not it’s own client. Due to that, the authentication for your acc is tied to steam and steam accounts can be easily made and a lot of them are already available.

So basically all the accounts are registered using steam. Now it’s obviously difficult to migrate all the accounts to another registeration (Amazon Acc) with 2 factor authentication. And it’s possible that bots will soon have a workaround to that as well since there are many ways to get 2 factor authentication (VOIP numbers).

The best way is to detect the bots in the game and ban them using some additional tool which they might be developing now. Maybe they need more time to develop this as it should not trigger accidental bans to innocent players.

Also the Anti cheat used is by another company, Easy Anti-Cheat and they need to work with Amazon to prevent bot programs to work on the game. Kernel level anti cheats like what Valorant has would prove to be most effective.

EDIT: typos

There isn’t anything stopping Amazon from integrating a second authorization based on any number of more secure factors than an email account. They could create authenticator apps for it like what Blizzard did. Or use phone numbers. Anything.

They could even enforce captchas on log in, that would be SUPER annoying but it would be worth it long term.

Anything on the account management level would be far more effective than what they are currently doing.

Like I mentioned, VOIP numbera can be use for second factor verification and there so so many auto captcha solvers present now.

Captcha AI that detects bot behaviors and organize by patterns will do.

At the end, have a dedicated small team of human supports to investigate wrongly banned accounts.

Don’t force it to phone numbers, though. Some people just don’t have one because they don’t need them, like myself; internet connectivity is sufficient for that purpose. A much better choice would be to require it to be tied to an Amazon account, because that is something that can be done easily by users while also being a lot more secure than Steam accounts are.

Furthermore, captchas on login wouldn’t resolve things because there are programs that solve those, like awak3n mentioned; they’d just further piss off the userbase, while making things only slightly more annoying for botters, since they’d need to use one of those programs in tandem, but that’s it. Just look at how irritating Easy Anti-Cheat already is, yet how utterly ineffective it is at stopping them, at the same time.

At some point we’re going to have to sacrifice some convenience in order to get rid of the bot problem. It’s just GOING to have to happen. We already are doing it with the stupid Anti-Cheat that runs whenever the game is and that doesn’t work.

So I’ll take some inconvenience that actually works if it gets rid of the bot problem. Like I said, Korea doesn’t have this bot problem, but for them it’s one account per person PERIOD. An idea I wouldn’t be opposed to myself. I’m not about this I can change accounts and start over life in MMO’s.

Korea also has it so you’re connected by your government ID. I’d rather not have a for-profit company get all that sensitive information from across the world, especially just for a game.

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they will keep whispering me

As I said before I’m not saying we need to go that far, but there are many other ways we can make a 2 factor authorization that would end the botting problem. It’s not rocket science, there are ways to do this it would just require A: that players be slightly inconvenienced ( a trade I think nearly everyone would take if it would put an end to bots) and B: Amazon to not care about how its inflated player numbers suddenly drop when both gold sellers and gold buyers get banned.

Bots whisper to you??? Damn never happen to me before