You cannot do ANY combination of Noble banquet skins

You cannot dye
You cannot trade (or not a roster bound)
You cannot purchase more than one
You cannot choose individual pieces (understand that this is not the usual case)

If you want to do combos like [Set A headpiece] + [Set C chestpiece], unless you redeem another noble banquet set from the super-premium pass, there is no way you could get the combination of the avatar. Also, you could do it on only 1 character.

I really wanted to get the combination of pieces after seeing a cool customized avatar set but without ANY customizing flexibility, it’s not possible.

And I am left with an ugly and uncustomized avatar with 0/1 count on this avatar.

Other servers do not have this issue…Could you please add more flexibility?

I was ready to get all of my characters with this set, but am very disappointed to learn that I cannot do anything and not going to purchase any more sets.


Yeah i was kinda bumped out to see that you can only buy the noble set once through the store.

When roxx(?) said that you can buy them through the store i thought its unlimited because it was not stated as limited.
Another misscommunication (because you dont say unlimited purchases if there is no limit. You just say available. And if there is a limit you specifically state that imo)

EDIT: I can understand if we have a limit on Special Skin boxes like the glaivier which is for one character only or the Omen Bundle with the Weapon for a small discount etc. but pls dont limit the purchases of normal skins. Even more so when we dont have many skins available at all.


Battle pass is dyeable and roster bound.

In other servers, there is no non-bp version. We are lucky to be able to have two set.

Note that I do agree it sucks and should both be dyeable and no buy limit… but just referring to this part of OP that is misinformed

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Thanks for the clarification! Seems like Super Premium pass one is selectable for individual parts.

Gotta give incentive for that Ark pass I guess.

What? The noble set from battlepass is dyable and the one from the store isnt or what are you telling me rn?
Btw did they fix the second lawmaker set that we got that wasnt dyable yet? I bet they diddnt but im curious.

Yes, the Battle pass one is selectable per part as well. Headpiece, chest, pants and then weapon. All dyeable, all roster-bound and all Class-exclusive except weapon (so you can share Glaivier and Scrapper for example).

It’s a shame they did not allow the same for the Blue crystal one, but as @Lesharugan said… guess they trying to give incentive on the pass purchases

Battle pass one is dyeable, blue crystal one isnt despite the tooltip saying it is.

And no, lawmaker still not fixed…