You can't ban bots but you ban real players

My friend who was completely free to play needed the trading features (which by the way was free before they can’t control the bots anymore so new and free to play players have to spend money in the game just to be able to access such features) so me and my friends decided why not help our friend get that feature so that we can start trading stuff like accessories and gems for our alts and also mains without buying it from the auction house which is way more cheaper because then we can just spend our farmed gold on crystals which are kinda expensive to buy pheons. So my other friend offered to swipe for my friend who is free to play so that we can start trading stuff with each other. We were excited waiting for hours to get his account to become “trusted” but instead after so many frustrating raids during the day we heard a message from him that instead he got banned.

Please if someone is competent enough to help us please help us have our friend back in the game if he ends up not coming back it would be sad for my whole group because he is our support and he cracks jokes when we raid making it lively. Its so fun playing with him we just want to help him not get him banned just because if your weird verdict on him.

Hey there @ACROLEXUS00.

Forum staff does not have the tools required to look into player accounts, bans, or appeals. So in case your friend hasn’t done this yet, refer them to appeal their suspension via web ticket here: Appeal a Penalty - Support | Amazon Games.

I hope this gets solved, stay safe!