You Can't Blame AGS/SMG For The Delay In The Roadmap

Before you think I’m some white knight for ags, believe me I’m the opposite, I keep seeing CM’s saying that people view the roadmap as a list of promises, and if they cant keep them people will be mad. Which is completely true in AGS’s case. They cannot afford to fuck up this roadmap, they have already lost player trust (through so many of their own actions) , the last thing they need is to fuck up a roadmap.

While for other games, like FFXIV/insert any other “good” game, if they miss out on a date/promise, that they told the players, the community are MOSTLY ok with this because the developers have delivered on MOSTLY every promise they have ever made. AGS is not allotted this liberty anymore, they have already messed up way too much, and this next roadmap is going to be a huge breaking point for a lot of players, rightfully so.

Side note: I’m tired of CM’s shifting blame subtly on the community, maybe I’m the only one that feels like that, just side note.



promises have nothing to do with a Roadmap, they give us promises a long time ago, what happend? nothing so far, so this thread is just to defend incompetence. Tell me, when was the last post of any CMs with transperency? they just tell us everyday “We working on it, stay tuned” and you still eat this everyday, jesus


How am i defending incompetence, just because I’m am theorizing on the intent of someone’s actions (AGS), does not mean I’m defending it, in no way do I think what AGS/SMG is doing is good or right. I’m simply stating reasons to why i believe they are doing what they are doing

There’s no theorizing necessary. AGS isn’t a person. It’s not “afraid”. This is just incompetence.


2 options :
1 - Release a roadmap, with limited content for each month, trying to milk $$$ from players but highly risky moove with Happy / Angry players as a result

2 - Release the whole game (players will be still gated by honing, etc… for a moment…BUT can enjoy the full game AND release some skins periodycaly for the $$$. A way better moove that can motivate players to stay
So why not and please everyone ? instead of milking and possibly makes players angry ?

bonus option :

  • cancel the “high risk” roadmap, and release content at random rates, making the community even angrier.

I can and I will.


Even if they release an incomplete roadmap and they decide to add extra stuff it won’t hurt if they want to add things like an extra class and skins, I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t mind extra stuff in the roadmap. The leaked roadmap would’ve been fine if they just put extra stuff in it, its that simple stop trying to make it sound complicated.

The roadmap will be bad, you want to know why?

AGS will never allow to release more than 2 skins and 2 classes in 1 or 2 months.
And thats the reason the roadmap will be shit.
The players wont be satisfied with south vern or trial guardians or whatever.


I don’t care about a roadmap because a roadmap is just an excuse to do more of what we have now…nothing. I want them to actually release the good skins and stop making excuses.

Amazon and SGR only care about whales and who feeds them. You’re lying to yourself. CMs are just underpaid and overworked punching bags for sociopathic forum trolls.

I think they’re very hesitant to give us that roadmap because of how much they’ve messed up. They know trust is gone from a good portion of the players and any misstep could cost them dearly. It’s always a shame when a game gets such a rough start and I don’t blame them for being cautious right now. We need to be patient enough to let them get this right. Would players rather have a rushed out, halfassed roadmap to keep a deadline or wait longer for something finished?

We know they set dates in the past and they couldn’t meet that deadline. Harping on them about “when” isn’t helpful from the community, it will be here when it’s ready. I’m not saying to wait around forever but I think in this unique situation they deserve to be cut some slack.

We’ve seen time and time again from gaming companies what disaster awaits the players that get a rushed product.


the roadmap will be for April:

give more money, if you leave it’s your problem

literally what Im saying, yes what they have done is unacceptable but they need time to think about what they are doing wrong so they don’t make these same decisions that lost player trust initially

Nice you mention FF14 as one of the good of many.
They in fact had a 3 hour live patch review today
multiple trailers, released presentation (in Japanese btw, community translates)
official patch day of 4/12

AGS on the other hand. leaves a lot to be desired.
Their NW redemption could’ve been with LA as a studio.
But instead they are acting the same way
Also in comparison, nothing close to the above good points.
Simply not in the same league even by average standards

Our version is screwed cause so many people expect stuff not to be drip fed to them… we are getting it that way and many people will leave

They couldn’t please who came from KR/RU, because of lack of classes, skins and content modifications.

They couldn’t please who came blindly, because of honing chances, lack of materials, T1/T2 bosses difficulty.

So, instead of sharing their plans and asking for feedback, they just hide it under the pretext that now they know what those kind of players need.

I can be really really wrong, but all companies I worked for would try to approach the client if he thinks we still didn’t get his needs, instead of hide the prototypes to present a “perfect” final product.