You do NOT get to say shadowhunter demon change is for PvP when people are running around in animal skins

It is important that other player’s be able to tell when your character is transformed into its demon form, for example in PvP or Raid situations

Except… people run around in god damn animal skins but that’s okay?

I can’t tell the difference at all right now with them, so why the fuck is shadowhunter any different? If anything it’s MORE RECOGNIZABLE with the white hair, AND fits with the lore.

If this stays you also need to remove ALL skins from ALL classes in PvP. Thanks.


Wont demon transformation ignore the animal skin and just be the demon during the time?

Still your point is valid that the game doesn’t really care about being visually clear.


the need to change the skin color of things is absurd and stupid…


I stated the same thing in the other thread on this topic. This portion of the statement seemed disingenuous to me as well.

At least they didn’t admit it is political - so this can be reverted I think?
I’m still wondering why black skinned shadowhunter doesn’t become white upon becoming demon to make it a “visible” change, if that was the case.

Truth is, AGS discriminates albino characters and censors their forum to fan the flames against their own playerbase.

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AGS is woke. They didn’t want her transforming into a white person, because white man is bad.


Some :white_circle: Do be kinda sus

As a white person, i am forced to play as black, feels so racism to me. And no, dont say sh*ts like " then dont play it". Dont waste ur time here.


DO you play a ShadowHunter? The skin is not visible during transformation.
Also as a shadowhunter try doing prokel and figure out where you character is in that black form.

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I’m guessing OP means other classes using animal skins, you can’t tell them apart in a crowd at a glance. Although I’m not really getting the logic of using it as a counter argument for the SH censoring.

AGS excuse is that white = hard to see, which I agree is complete bs. If anything, darkened transformed SH makes it harder to see your character in a lot more situations than a white character ever will. So many end game raids have darkened environment or effects.

Turn on character highlighting in the option like everyone else?

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up it goes

It’s not for pvp though, it’s for anti(lol)-racism aka, bunch of corpo bullshit because everyone can’t have a different skin color on their SH and some ignorant corporate higher up thinks that’s a problem in an eastern video game, as if there’s “diversity” in(or expected in) eastern culture. They then hide their dumbass decision behind some buzzwords like “western norms” as if the consumers have the same iq as them and will actually believe that…

Forced diversity doesn’t belong in fantasy games save that bullshit for games in a modern setting.



days without response +1

And yet you’re here complaining about it. Seems like they have been 100% effective in making this an issue for you. Maybe that’s their goal? Maybe they do want to do this just to irritate you personally what then?

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What exactly is the point of your post? Are you really so bored that you’re looking to instigate a stranger on the internet just to pass time?

Not interested.

I’m not instigating anything. I’m asking you if you’ve thought about what the course of action is if they have done everything as intentionally as you seem to think they have. I mean that is as much of a possibility as it not being, but I curious to see how that resolves in your brain and why it hasn’t yet.

I’m not asking you to get mad at Amazon or me. I’m seriously asking.