You do NOT get to say shadowhunter demon change is for PvP when people are running around in animal skins

No, you’re asking a nonsense question implying that you are foolishly assuming I take their actions personally.

Do something better with your time kid, you’re not intelligent enough to determine what I’m thinking and frankly, I’m not interested in your troll posts.

I never presumed to know that, that’s why I asked you. You seem more intent on attacking me and trying to call me “kid” when I’ve clearly said multiple times, I’m an old boomer.

I genuinely was curious if you thought about that scenario. I’m not sure why you seem to think all our interactions have to be some kind of attempt to trigger you. If you didn’t want to engage you could have just left it unresponded. I had forgotten I had asked the question

ahh yes… @Jaerin and @CantConnect again

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Odd, she looks grey to me with white hair. As the flame moves around the DEMON (NOT human) form you see her greyish-white skin.

I don’t see the issue. Then again, I’ve never seen a demon portrayed as a white human in any movies or series I’ve watched. :person_shrugging:t2:

Lucifer anyone? Imagine that? He doesn’t look like a white human when he’s in demon form! Oh no! :exploding_head:

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you guys turn your monitors on right?

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My thoughts exactly! She’s clearly white (with white hair), and a grey-blue and red shadow over her. She’s also NOT human when in demon form. They need drama. :person_facepalming:t2:

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People make drama out of anything.

If sh is white people that have black characters will complain

If sh is black people who have white characters will complain

So AGS decided to make her grey, ez w


I find it rather pathetic that they take an extra couple of months to add pants to artist to fit “western norms” but they cant develop a couple extra skin tones for shadowhunters.

Apparently changing skin tones isnt racist but making sure a smaller female body isnt sexualized is top priority!


Would be really cool if they would let us make our own demon form look - like maybe from a separate “demon” face/hair/skin customization menu? Then all this drama would end, I think.

Nah, they’d find something else.


days without response +1

Why would I think that AGs is doing anything to me personally? Stop trying to play off the fact that you’re trying to take me for a fool by giving off airs of ignorance and pretense under the guise of “a serious question born of curiosity”.

I called you a “kid” because you’d have to be(or think like) one to believe I would overlook what you’re actually doing and seriously engage in your foolishness… I don’t mind indulging you in conversation but I won’t follow the narrative you’re pushing.

It’s a game called lost ark have you seen armen?

Then we see things from the same perspective just from different sides. That’s the difference between you and me, is I’m willing to see things from your perspective if you’re willing to tell me what it is. That’s why I asked you to tell me what it was. Instead of telling me, you call me a kid because you think I think you’re a fool and I’ve never said any such thing.

If you would like to engage in that conversation and actually tell me what you think would happen if AGS actually was doing something to piss of people like you, maybe not you personally. What then?

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Can’t you guys decide to bump only 1 thread? or ask for merge?

Is hard to sympatize for the cause this way…

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Buddy, you didn’t ask for “my perspective”…
You said they are making an issue for me and assumed that I take what they do personally.

Frankly, I already think very little of you and will be certain that you are a fool if you truly believe what you said(which I just quoted above) to be “asking for my opinion”. You’re just some kid looking for attention and I’m happy to provide it, but don’t think for a second that you have actually made any relevant point here as you’ve done nothing but post nonsense and try to spin it off into something coherent. Your text is still there for all to see…

LOL you constantly tell me this, why do you need to keep repeating yourself? You project your intentions, but feel the need to explain it? My guess is you’re projecting your feeling onto me, because I didn’t call you a fool, you have me several times and continue to do so. Or you think me too smart for my own good, aka the reason you think I’m a kid.

Of course it is, I’m not ashamed of what i’ve said, I refer to it regularly. Just because you continually try to shame me into some kind of behavior you think is appropriate for the interactions with you doesn’t mean that it works or means anything. Shame away, call me names, there is no status here for you to affect.

I’m glad you’ve stopped pushing that nonsense about asking opinions and began a new strategy to offset my previous quips, although I won’t engage you on that. Good for you though.