You finished the game by doing this, congrats ags

Banning bots from the game doesn’t change anything, because you don’t make radical changes, rmt bans don’t change anything, you lose 1 real player, 10k bots start again, the economy is trash for 1 month, because bots manipulate fast upgrade very well
untradble books pls. so easy

look this shit.


Idk what youre saying dude but the amount of obvious rmt accounts has gone back by quite a significant amount - where you could not run 5 metres in Punika without seeing some 1540-1545s 1 month a go you now actually have to look out for them. The whales that are left are probably just actually pumping their money into royal crystals. The inflation we are getting right now is due to increasingly more people reaching ilvls where they can bus content so prices are just skyrocketing and lots of money floods into the high ilvl accounts


The Point is the game has No growth in Player but decline instead.
And thats bc the Game gives No content or has real interesting content on a daiyli Base.
La doesnt Work in the West.
There are much better Games Out there so why should you Stick to IT
Gw2 for example is Miles more Entertaining


Even mobile games are less repetitive than LA now…


Well you speak for yourself, some people actually enjoy working towards gear or progressing their characters instead of having everything given to you and the only thing you chase being skins or collectibles :joy:

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In your opinion maybe, you should not generalize it. I love lost ark and would never lay a finger on any other mmo or game in general.

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Just sounds to me like you guys did zero research before playing the game, its known for years that this game is based on a playloop with weekly / daily activities lol. If you dont like that you will not like Lost Ark period.

People who dont like biking should prolly not invest their time into riding a bike either.


It didn’t take 3 days for 90k bots to return.

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Its about how you Chase Not the Chase itself.
Im 1507 since 1 months or even Longer im done for the next 6 months prob, and thats the prob. There is No content

Yeah I agree. I definitely did not do research on the game before I started.

I was like: oo bikini skins will be available? Great, im in! lmao… 1492ilvl later, omg chaos dungeon again?

I love doing my 126 chaos dungeons and 126 guardian raids a week, what do you mean?! I also love that I still can’t play the class I’ve wanted to play since release, and I still don’t know when that will be!


Well dude youre speaking for .5% of the playerbase then, do you think they dont patch content on purpose? They patch content based on the progression of the average player not the guy who has 3000 hours by now, like what even is your argument lmao.

If they gave you brelshaza gate 6 tomorrow youll have 5 whale parties clearing it and thats it - great game design.

Yea Well aß you would know If you follows the Game, they dont Patch IT for the Casual at all.
This is a cowmilkfarm or more Like whalemilkfarm.


No they dont pace content for whales, else wed be in elgacia already :joy: what youre saying makes zero sense

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IT IS If you Like IT or Not.

you think they pace it for whales? whales were 1490 right after argos was released :joy:

more paced for the avg player that spends some time each day on the game


So im a whale cause I can enter kakul saydon day 1 ? :joy::skull: bro you gotta pass me some of the ganja

Imagine pacing content patches for the active players… :joy::joy::joy:

What has that to do with the Game Is concepted to Milk.