You finished the game by doing this, congrats ags

The only Thing i bought is the Pass.
But i can See you have clearly No clue how the buisnessmodel of la is built and what IT does to Suck Money Out Off ppl

I understand it quite well, doesnt change the fact that whaling is borderline stupid and gives you no meaningful advantage anywhere else than in gvg. If you think otherwise thats totally acceptable, just know youre wrong :joy:

It’s a good thing you’re not an AGS employee, otherwise things would be worse

Well im Not Sure you know what whaling is BC you Said i do IT After Reading im 1507.
Whales dont Care about money BC they are rich so you cant say this is stupid.
If you are a average Guy and Pump in 5k Then yes you are stupid.

What exactly :joy:? Im honestly curious cause 99% of the shit people bring up in this thread does or will never directly impact you as a player.

I never called you a whale, I said whales and people like you who go beyond requested ilvl for the content thats being offered right now. Or did some ghost log onto your account and press the hone button over and over and make you 30 ilvls above needed ilvl score right now :skull:

Because you don’t know why inflation is happening.

Little spoiler for you sherlock - this game is prone to inflation, has always been and will always be, the only people that fall victim to it are the players who until now refused to make alts and play multiple characters to which I say, you had multiple chances, free passes, free events. If you have a healthy roster at this point in time and make your 30-50k gold with all your activities you are prepared for inflation spikes :man_shrugging:t2:

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Yes, it’s easy, but it’s accelerated a zillion times

You can’t just look at the result and ignore the process

Wise words with no real context - I guess you would fit into the corner of game devs that ruined WoW and other MMOs in the past lol


@Conclusion1 You are right , but 100 thousand bots are currently benefiting from these free events.

You don’t know the cause of inflation, and you don’t care about that. Again be glad you are not the decision maker of AGS

There will always be some deluded fanboys in this place defending the corporation to the bitter end, the game IS designed to milk you, how much content is there in this game at tier 3? 6 guardian raids, 2 abyssal dungeons 1 abyssal raid 4 legion raids, this is how they design games these days minimum investment maximum profitability, you sit there and play the game like a second job doing the same repetitive content everyday while they milk you.
This game turns away a lot of people, people who dont like p2w, people who dont like long repetitive grinds, there’s also no casual content and little midcore content so if you dont like/cant do raids you’re cutoff from gearing and gold sources thats why there’s so many people bussing in the game, I guess you fanboys are the only ones who can/are willing to take the abuse but youre few and far betwen, there’s a reason this game was never that popular outside of KR.

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First - if you play the game like a second job youre already out of the equation since apparently youve never learned to move on when something stops being fun, you just sit there hacking away your chores hating the game and obviously you would call anyone else who truely enjoys the game a fanboy, cause you cant have fun in a game youd like to have fun in, which is completely fair

Second - i play the game very unregularly and am far from anything you could call a tryhard, hardcore player or even an elitist. I currently have no guild and pug 100% of my weekly stuff. I just genuinely enjoy playing the game

Third - all of the stuff you listed was obvious from the beginning, the game has a playloop of daily and weekly activities which get you gesred for higher activities of that sort. And it was also known that the game is pay 2 win if you want to call it that. Id much rather prefer to call it pay 2 lose cause you literally get nothing out of whaling, you cant even show off or flex your sick ilvl cause never will you ever play with someone who isnt a whale themselves in a realistic scenario. All you can do is smash some poor nerds in gvg and feel good about it - if thats worth the thousands of € then go for it I give it to you.

So if you dislike concept that much, why the fuck are you still here annoying people? Just move on, theres thousands of other games… lost ark is a niche game and not for everyone which doesnt make it bad or anything

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I am, today is my last day, might come back when they release the new classes just to try them out but have no plans to play this game long term.

You dont seem to get it buddy, you waste your time or your money, there’s no such thing as playing this game casually without paying you’ll get nowhere and its by design.

And this is the argument you cant win, if you criticize a game you havent play enough acording to the fanboys its " how an you know anything about the game if you have barelly played it" but if you played it enough its " why did yo play so much a game that you obviously hate". Whatever allows you to cope friend but the game is dyeing whether you like it or not.

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Here we go, doomer post completed :joy:

Now consider that most of these people are bots and draw your own conclusions.


hold on thats my job brother :ok_hand: :dash:

Honestly, im so tired of those 16 year olds who are victims of their own FOMO.

IF you dont like the way the game works, then you can freely go play Gw2 and FFXIV which are completely casual (and by the way, once u get to their end-game content there also isnt that many options of stuff to do, just saying), and when a new big update drops all of your gear is reset and you can freely play for 1 month get all end game and roleplay in limsa lominsa for another 6 months.

The game is perfectly played as F2P at the moment, you are just lazy to put in the work. and trust me you dont need to no-life the game. i have 6 characters and it takes me around 3 hours daily to finish everything. and i have a 5x3 and i am clown ready with only buying the battle pass back in apil (which lets be honest, its nothing compared to what honing requires now).

The way your post is written screams “i am behind and i am too lazy to put the effort to keep up so everyone else is an RMTer and a whale”.

This game is a roster game, you need to strategicaly build your “empire” long term and invest in it. Yes it may not work for you, but you are free to try a different game. It dsnt mean the game is made that way to MILK you. Nedless to say, if you are a legit whale, the amount of $ “invested” to the actual gains is ciminally low, if you think that F2P players will just catch up in some months down the road.