You FOMO on every content patch, you're going to quit very soon

I know it’s tempting to hit that gearscore of whatever it is, and do the newest content on day 1.

But you have to be aware, the game is designed as a “carrot on a stick”. Its main form of monetization is to get as many players fixated on the “carrot on the stick” as possible.

There are always going to be new “gear-score goals”. There will be many many “Valtans” down the road. You FOMO on every content release, you’re just going to burn yourself out and end up quitting.


the problem is, most MMOs make it where if you’re playing the game regularly then you’re good to go for new raid content. That’s literally how most other western games go. Having to hit ilvls before hand is kind of a new concept for most from other MMOs. Previous tiers gear will be fine to go into the next raid, but not maybe the highest difficulty.


This community makes me hate the term FOMO.

Good point. In other games, you get the ilvl by doing the raid; in Lost Ark, you hope you’re half as lucky as the lucky people so that you can actually do the content.

Not to mention sheer luck differences. Person A may be running Valtan, while Person B needs another 1-2 weeks, even if both of them have worked just as hard. That kind of gear luck is in every game, but as you’ve said, you’re not completely locked out in other games due to it…unless you’re in a top raiding guild, but that’s always rough.


iono man, when i miss that 1PM PST island timer by 2 minutes and have to wait until 7PM PST to finish my island adventure i feel pretty tilted tbh




Or Person A might be 1400 while Person B is 1445…person A earned twice as much resources as person B. Then Person B shames person A for not optimizing their progression very well.


Well, I believe if you play Lost Ark regularly, you are 1415 by now :slight_smile: However, playing regularly is a pretty broad term. For someone that is 1 hour a day, for someone else, it’s 5+ hours per day.

Unfortunately, players who play 1-3 hours a day will most likely not be ready for the newest content on day 1. There are better casual-friendly MMORPGs out there. Lost Ark is a niche game and there is nothing wrong with it.


And in your case, you’ll run no content, play 100hrs over the span of 6 months, still be in T2 then quit and pretend you had a better time than someone who ran everything day 1 with over 1k hours. LUL

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well so let me tell you that I played 700h so far and couldn’t hit 1415 so far due to bad honing luck while my other friend were playing around 590h and he made it to 1415


I sure hope the luck gap is never that big for anyone, but yeah that’s the gist of it.

Players with good honing luck are now 1445+ … most likely you did not play efficiently.

Gold River’s advice:


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For those that have no idea what “fomo” is… I just had to Google it. Apparently it means “Fear of missing out.”

I’ve sold every single tradeable Great leapstone I’ve gotten. I sat at 1385 for over a month. I didn’t even play for 3 weeks. And I still went to 1411 in less than 2 weeks. I’ve only got to get 2 lvl 10 pieces to 12 and I’m set at 1415. It really isn’t as hard to do f2p as people claim. If you try to do it for every character… yeah, you’re going to have a bad time. But there really is no excuse to not have 1 char there by then.


well if its that way they should maybe do a better job at sorting out the rmtler , unlegit 1490s … than more people would be maybe fine with not being rdy

just don’t be fomo. ez

Are you person A or person B?

Already exists and the luck gap could be WAY larger than that.




If ur not 1 tapping every hone ur not playing efficiently. If ur not lucky ur a filthy casual.