You get to pick your own COMPENSATION for patch delay!

COMP 1: You get Artist Released with no Censorship on your account. (You want it, you get it)

COMP 2: You get all raid gold doubled. (for those who don’t make enough gold).

COMP 3: You get to make ZERO gold from any of your raids. ( for those who like gold nerfs… enjoy!)

COMP 4: Your Shadow Hunter will be WHITE. (For those with monitor color problems)

COMP 5: Free Diablo 4 Beta invite code! (Self-explanatory)

COMP 6: 5 Free Feathers (So someone will miss click on this and have a reason to complain)

COMP 7: Change Publisher (To a publisher randomly drawn from barrel because we love RNG)

This compensation package fixes all the issues I see on this forum. No need to thank me AGS.

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5 plz

Where’s the option to change publishers?

Let’s be real, the compensation will be the same thing we got every time and nothing special. And players will be venting for like 2 days and back to their daily grinding like nothing has happened.

You know why AGS/SG has been treating us like this? This is the reason. They know players will do nothing at the end and they will keep making money from us.
:wink: :wink: :wink:

I will add that, I am here for the community.

“Your compensation is: a full-priced pre-order of Diablo 4!”


AGS will give legendary select packs and the community will praise them. It happened before

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