You guys added a third char page, but we cant buy char tickets anymore :D

you kinda need bot ingredients a and b to make new chars past 12
so first it was missing ingredient a
now you added ingredient a but removed ingredient b

kinda funny but also kinda facepalmy :smiley:

you were able to buy 18 char slot tickets before already while they only offered 6 slots. now you cant buy anymore?

yes. makes no sense, but not everything in this world makes sense.

Dont buy it from the shop. Just click the slot you want to unlock on the character selection page and itll unlock it for the price of a ticket.

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doesnt work

Doesnt work.

I bought 1 so I now have 13 slots total but can’t buy a 14th though character selection or the in game shop.

I mean thats how i bought 2 slots. I just clicked the empty slots and it asked if i wanted to unlock for a fee. Maybe youre not clicking the right things? Show me a screenshot.

or you try to unlock 14th char slot and see the results :wink:

here, have a gif.

Hmm could be a bug i got 14 slots unlocked.

it is a bug… that’s the reason for the thread lol

Im on my phone right now but I do have the 14th slot unlocked. I wanted to knowledge transfer a character only to find out im at the limit lol.

Could always try again tommorow.

To be fair the thread is about not being able to buy tickets from the shop. And the poster couldnt write 1 coherent sentence.

Maybe op didn’t explain it well and u have to understand because most of us we are not native english speakers, but its a general issue that all the players that bought some character slots its affected, we already made a thread here and we are waiting for some staff members to give us answers, 13/18 slots 0/12 available to buy doesn’t matters if u press store or selection page, game counts every page u buy as 2 instead one, try to keep this thread alive since it should be an easy fix that just requires a shop reset

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