You guys are very quiet


are you guys going to say anything or make a statement? or just stay quiet like always?


I doubt there’s anything she can communicate. I’m sure the team knew when they revealed the roadmap that they’d be upsetting the player base.

There is no way any of them looked at the roadmap and thought, “wow this is awesome!” unless they straight up don’t play this game, and/or are completely tone deaf.


They won’t say anything in regards to it, they’ve all left for holiday, the plan is to let us go at it with each other let the fire burn itself out, people throw their hands up, and come back after the holidays and keep on truckin’


If it’s gonna be like the 3 flavors of shadowhunter threads, then they for one, won’t die down, and for another, also won’t get a reply from the CMs.

If anything, we’ll probably get a news post, telling us to bugger off and that they won’t change anything about their vision of the game at all.

Can’t imagine they want the CMs to say anything at all, considering that this brought us things like the reasoning that SH changes are because of PvP and our version’s availability of skin tones.

Just literally said this in another thread, if we want change and genuinely care about the game. There’s only one way to do it. But its a collective venture 100 or 200 of us from the forums wont make a difference, and honestly it probably wouldn’t matter anyways due to bots, if they cant detect the bots to ban then the player number we see on steamcharts might as well be the true number since as far as AGS internals are concerned that’s the real number too. Granted if the players leave the bots will too as their customer base will leave so you may see a quite massive spike downward

Unfortunately everyone will just direct all their anger at Roxx if she were to relay any message from the team about the situation.

Does this mean the massive bots ban wave that they’ve promised in the 12/14 patch notes will be implemented next year?

Probably, or some intern will set off the script. But I doubt you’ll see much if any CM activity, even if they haven’t left Roxx knows better then to say anything and she’s just going to get absolutely flamed if not threatened.

It must be awful for people who got falsely banned, to go back into the game realizing that the bots are still roaming freely…

I love how these threads are still popping up, as if we’ve had multiple instances where us complaining have made immediate changes to previous roadmaps.

QWERTY: HH :grinning:

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Can you point some of those instances out pls? I don’t seem to remember any.

You’re funny thinking @Roxx And the other CM’s can speak unless they are told by their superior what to say.

Never going to happen.

I guess I should have used “as if” rather then “like”… I don’t have a comma after “like” for a reason.

Indeed. This is why grammar is very important. Good change.

the amount of speculation and missinformation on the forums is AMAZING.

They will obviously respond to the angry mob in the forums, just because they didnt reply yesterday doesnt mean they ignore you.

You guys need to seriously calm down a bit.

Lke, seriously.


You forgot to add /s(implying sarcasm) when you typed that. People can’t hear your tone through text.


Whiteknight: cM iS JuST thE meSSeNger
The messenger: stay silent all of the time

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Us: We want artist in January or February


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