You guys made me lose a lot of gold

I literally had a bunch of chests stored on a character, I invested a bunch of gold in those boxes and now they’re stuck on a character that I have no intention of evolving.
This is negligence with my investment and with many others players, this is unacceptable it is sad to see the way the devs deal with situations. If it was meant to be like this, it would be better not to have added an event of this type. not to mention that it’s not the first time that a problem like this happened.


it’s okay. we got much more free stuff this months to compensate our lost of gold
twich, prime, two daily login back to back. we should all be thankful to ags

happy anniversary :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

errrr no

thats not how compensation works.

we should be thankfull ags added in a shop that has items “mislabeled” and then did a shadowlock on them like 14hours after servers went up so you couldnt open then or move them. Then more than a day later finally says its “mislabeled” and then procceeds to go with the worst option available to them and screw over majority of their playerbase?


Hello rlyalmente, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Game Feedback” section to the English one.


Wow you read it and all you did was change to the English thread
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This is why amazon pays you the big bucks

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But didn’t they say you could transfer those boxes from universal storage to any character of your choice?

They did say that, almost 24 hours AFTER they implemented this hotfix. So many players now sit on it on the wrong characters, but had no idea that it would happen.
I for example had to take the items out for storage management and because “chest preview” is not available while the item is in the storage.
Also, the item description still reads, “bound to roster”.

This sucks =f I think if we make an uproar they can give us the chance to transfer it to another char

Why would you store chests on a character instead of your shared roster storage? It sounds like you made your bed and now must lie in it?

Because of space brother. You dont have unlimited space in your roster storage so I and i assmu many others use random alts as storage. Also if you wanna save up materials you put them on an alt that you dont hone so you dont accidentaly use those materials. Its more like we bought a bed and it wasnt what we expected and now everyone tells us we must lie in it

Its his job to do it and he isnt responsible for this golden toad. Its smilegate and amazon fault about this situation. Its not community manager fault about it so stop be toxic please

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Following discussions surrounding the impacts of this yesterday, we will have an update to the situation to share today that is currently being finalized.

AGS: You lost 60k gold to a mistake we made? Now that 60k gold worth of stuff is locked to a character you don’t use? Here, have some small amethyst shards, that will make up for it.

Please be kind to our moderators. We do not all have the same role to fill. Fooo is doing their job, which is moderation.


Dude how the hell are you even trying to blame here someone from how he is storing his stuff? I have on one character engraving packages, on another I have all material boxes, on another I have skin boxes and some card packs. “Why?” would you ask? Because there is not enough space in Roster Storage and Smilegate need to have 5x same type of item, which is not stacking on each other so each of them eat one slot.

Of course there will be people who have these boxes on characters on which they should not end up. For fucks sake many people bought them just quickly and left them on alts because it said “Roster Bound” so why would they have to set it up instantly?

You or dumb AGS are not here to judge why those people did this and I fully understand why they could, whole this situation was handeled badly as always, so stop playing here whiteknight and dont judge why players do not store things same as you do. It was “Roster Bound” it had to stay like that, end of story. This is really unbelievable.

PS: I did not buy any of these boxes, so technically “not my problem” still it makes me really mad how are players and their hours and hours of work treated.

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Your bosses are making it hard for us to be kind and happy I hope you are aware of that…


“We’ll be sure to forward your feedback to the team! And do absolutely jack shit about it!”



I sold a level 10 gem because of this event, now I wish I never bothered buying those chests. I don’t think there’s any way they can compensate some people’s losses from what has happened. It’ll just be something small and we will have to deal with losing a lot of gold from their mistake