You guys should take a pill and chill

You guys wanting everything every time, you just should enjoy the game at your own pace, and try to not care about everything around, there are bots? so what. AGS is working on new content and providing us the best service, it’s not because there is one bot there or one cheater, you have to make a post every time! The team has something else to do than answering baby complainers



because it already exist

its hard to not care when these things around us affect our market

they aint working on anything, it already exists even the new elgacia has been data mined in our version, since it already exist they can release it

we do, or no awareness will be brought to this, its better to overblow the situation and get our voices heard, than be calm and get ignored

the whole point of this forum is for people to communicate with AGS so every CM/CS/Mod here, there job is basically to listen and answer our concerns, yh sure they cant listen to everyone, but when a lot of people complain about similar things the chances of being heard increases significantly


honestly I wouldn’t care but having to sit in 2 hour queue for the third time today hitting different and making me go lowkey insane. I get it, it seems like you barely ever see the cheaters or bots but cause of them ive wasted 7 hours just trying to log in. Maybe we do have a reason to complain ok T-T


Because you think AGS don’t know about this problem since day one? HAHAHAH
Of course they do! And they’re working on it since day one, see previous patch notes.

You’re right it’s to communicate not to COMPLAIN every time with the same subject it’s getting annoying and the other problems get vanished

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AGS is working on new content and providing us the best service,


So far they made us players suffer, for there war fighting bots and where did that get us?
Not one fraking place still same and even worse bots.

What we got.
Nerfed gold rewards
Trusted steam status
VPN block

And it solved nothing
AGS CM saying always we will send word to the DEVS!
I don’t know how long I will hold on at this lack off doing things other that punising players and not even making a dent in the bots!

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Do as everyone else and run one yourself :slight_smile: i’m not waiting anymore personaly, they will do nothing.

Maybe not the best but they’re trying don’t you think company like that not trying their best?
And the fact that they can’t let players leave the game you have to be patient and believe!

yes, they are working on solutions, and every time they release a “solution” the community here tells them that it didnt work, if people didnt come here to say “oh what you did, has solved nothing” then they wouldnt continue to come up with solutions

The more something is being complained about the higher priority it probably has to the players POV, other problems that just vanish have probably been fixed or are not as important as what people continue to complain about.

Nice try, i’m not biting this low quality bait.

no, a company like this wouldn’t try their best, trying their best would cost a lot of money and resources, why tf would they do that, but as long as people complain they will have to keep trying even if what their trying is inefficient

Nop it dosnt work like that, they just dont care they buy licence, try to milk it, as cheap as possible, no developement is done no support, nothing.

If you think a problem like that can be solve in one time you’re completely wrong.
Any mmo have bots issue, even mmo with the best anti cheat have cheaters it takes time to solve and especially for f2p its even harder

No this is not how this works
The more you complain the more you slow down the process of something being fixed

That’s because they re overwhelm by complainers with the same issue

I didnt say it can be solved all at once, even KR got a little bots, am just saying they needa do better.

And how does complaining slow down the process? The CMs aren’t the ones making changes, theyre the ones sending our complaints to the devs or anyone higher up

as i said, if theyre overwhelmed with complainers with the “same issue”, then surely it should have a higher priority, therefore it should be fixed faster

KR version have ID Check that’s why they have not a lot of bots this whole time
The issue is coming from Steam not AGS. It’s a steam problem that let people making accounts over and over without any restriction.

Because they can’t focus on things as important as botss issue due to the rate of complainers, I bet the support is completely clogged
We get it there are bots rmt etc THEY ARE AWARE, complaning one more time dont change anything

Just fix it loooool
You say that like it s easy to fix something like that

it seems you’ve decided to back them no matter what, therefore i find continuing this unnecessary, hope you have a good day, and bye

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