You have to accelerate chaos dungeon clears

This has been brought up multiple times within our side and certainly within the Korean side. Chaos dungeon has too many functions that delay the clears than help to accelerate the process.

Stage 1 works fine, monsters seem to be spawining faster than the rest of the phases but once the player is within stage 2 they are met with delayed spawn times that may spawn outside of the character aggression radius. Monsters should have their aggression radius increased so they may immediately walk towards the player if they spawn on a corner of the map. They should also have increased move speed so they can cluster.
Stage 3 has far less spawns from the rest of them and those spawns have 2-3 seconds of invulnerability, with about 7-10 wave spawns in stage 3 even the fastest of clearers will have to spend 1:30-2 minutes. There shouldn’t be any invulnerability and there should be more spawns.

I personally feel inconvenienced even if i run everything on rest. Sometimes i quit dungeons at 60% because that’s where you get the tickets from. I am here for the raids and i’d like this integral part of the progression to feel responsive.