You have to keep improving

Mistakes have been made, apologies have been given, and everything has evened out. We have to turn the page.

From now on clean slate and I REALLY HOPE FROM HEART that this has served to put a little more order in the services they offer us, and little joke. We must not forget that the crashes due to disconnections are still there (probably), and there are still many things to correct. All of us who are here, whether it is to criticize the game positively or negatively, we all play it. Some will enjoy it more, others less. But we cannot deny that we are here for a common reason. There are many things to improve, many… And I leave with a bittersweet taste of all this.

For those of you who in these previous days have had the opportunity to get those “free” Pheons, you should be happy. You have had the opportunity to take advantage of their failure to get ready with the tripod system before the irreversible system change, something that many users have not even had the opportunity to do. Now and calmly you can get those Pheons again without any rush while others had to use a lot of their gold and even money to get them ready in a race against time (all this without counting the punctual inflations that the BC had due to to your mass purchase).

I have nothing more to contribute here. I hope you all have a good day.


Evened out? How?

are you sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

read topic about negative pheons and its impact on market usage :wink:

@Corso you have no right to grade them you f2p andy

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