You haven't been gatekept unless

You have 1575 item lvl with all lvl 10 gems and SOL 18 5x3 +2 engravings with proper stats but people wont accept you into their group because you play berserker or deadeye. Then you really haven’t been gatekept.


Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a good day.

Let me get that back to you. Why would you gatekeep someone who puts so much passion into the game, a person who wasted thousand of dollars on a char wants to play with you who have invested 0 ?

Its like the CEO of a company wanting to share a meal with a McDonalds worker.

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Second week of clown I’ve had a 1485 in my group and then 2 minutes later a 1520 and then a 1540 (which is probably the highest ilvl player that has ever applied to any of my parties) of the same class applied and rejected both of them.

I’m pretty sure the guy was thinking about getting kicked and replaced tho

That’s weird. Since Kakul content, Deadeye is kinda “Meta”. Even the lobbies with the title, which said looking for Deadeye, that’s what I saw in Clown legion raid.

Zerkers for me they really want to be the centre of attention in a situation that requires teamwork and when they die they are quick into the chat to complain and press restart even when the boss is at 5bars of health.

It’s like please just die quietly and enjoy floor pov

i went swiftness DB. engravings: spirit absorption, grudge, super charge, surge, all out attack (might replace this because i don’t have enough skill slots for blade fury).

stats: 800 swiftness, 700 specialization, 500 crit. i built all of this on purpose

i like the way it plays, i don’t know how much damage i’ll do because i watch dbs on youtube in training room and they hit like 90M surges which completely skews their dps. but if swiftness db doesnt work thats not my issue, thats a game developer issue. if they have one viable build then that’s their fault

and as far as the community goes if i get gate kept because of that build im just gonna quit, i don’t play games to follow other people’s rules. that being said i don’t mind being slightly above ilvl for content to make up for non optimized build. but tbh im just gonna play with non gatekeepers. the hardcore gatekeepers are the 10 hour per day no lifers, i don’t really care for yall. i’m too old. we’ll see how the rest of the playerbase gets with their gatekeeping.

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i would gatekeep you because you can’t spell the card set correctly

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i only accept 100 quality armor and accessories enjoyers into my party.

i know you are ironic but i have ilvl 1545 and all lvl 10 gems + LoS 18 + 96 weap and still experience gatekeeping xD

Now I’m being gatekept from being gatekept.

Yes in your case you are being gatekept.

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