You just killed any alt below 1460

Vykas normal was never amazing but now with free honing boost it’s a complete shitshow that would give you 1600g if you were the luckiest person on earth and could finish it. Valtan HM now gives 3000g, for which you can no fucking way enter below 1470 so you have to buy and give half of that to driver.

You might as well just remove Valtan and Vykas normal from game, no jokes. I don’t mind nerfing gold in Oreha, Argos or Valtan NM. But this nerf fkin completely killed it with Vykas NM and Valtan HM also being nerfed.

If you are making content worthless, at least nerf it and make it puggable. I’m right now sitting with my 5 1445 alts that are pretty much useless.


then push the alt


My cash analysis were correct, until AGS came up with a great idea and cut my earnings by half overnight.


it was wrong. Even if a 1490 alt only made 10k more gold per week than a 1460 they’d earn 300k gold more in the first year, then 500k gold more every year after

Assuming you won’t have to invest more into it. And we both know that’s not true.

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now where did we say investment :slight_smile: we talked about when you want to park. if people wanna go full level 10 gems 100 quality on alts thats up to them. but a smart player would realize parking higher = better in the long run

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Alts would make the money back in roughly 10 weeks of JUST RAID gold. Note at 1460 they gain MORE materials to sell due to being able to do ice turtle instead of deska. Including what you get at 1460, alts would turn the profit again at roughly 6-8 weeks and be earning MORE then they did before.

This long run getting longer, and will never end. SG just proved that removing easy gold from the game forcing you to keep investing in your alts forver.


its not a long run if its under 1 year. if you’re committed to game (since you are because you’re hardcore) your decision to park early makes no sense.

And removing easy gold hurts the lower parked alts more than the higher ones anyways

I mean you had to spend gold to get the alt to even 1415+ so the argument is moot anyway.

What makes you so sure you won’t get another nerf with akkan release? It’s not even 1 year ahead.

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so what you’re still making more gold just from raw gold excluding better guardian drops, chaos drops (higher tier mats), and others

just admit it you didn’t think parking through

How? You think that extra 10k gold can cover gearing your alts up? Take a look at these costs they grow exponentially as well.

gearing? if I was in your boat id just hone to 1490 (free 1510) for brel. What gearing? only difference is ilvl which i factored into year 1 cost

Sure but it would cost me about 200k for each alt. It’s way more than I got out of it. Can’t see any logic in it.

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did you not read. 10k gold/week = 300k gold in 1 year 500k gold in next year more gold for a 1490 alt

its clear you dont do math or any sort of economic analysis in your day to day

I did, but that extra 300k gold won’t be enough to adjust to the next gold nerf.

say half the gold was nerfed (which is excessive) after the 200k was paid off, extra 150k gold and 250k gold. still more gold right? not sure what your point is :slight_smile:. just more gold regardless in year 1 and year 2 if you park at higher ilvl.

parking higher ilvl = you need to be committed longer which you are. I wouldn’t give this advice to a casual who would take breaks

True, but it comes to spending even more time in game for scraps. And LA already takes a lot of it.

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so the only argument you should be making (where my logic is flawed) is about liquidity.

You lose a lot of liquidity pushing alts initially and if you don’t have the gold to keep your main at where it needs to be as you’re pushing alts then you shouldn’t rush pushing alts

IE you lose more value because you didn’t have the immediate gold to make smart investments.

Ultimately the most efficient playstyle is to do a cash flow of how you would invest in alts or more liquid items with faster return and see what your net present value would be at the end of however long you’re gonna play the game.

But no one has time to do that. So park higher if you’re hardcore, park lower if you’re not as a rule of thumb

And btw if you’re bussing then the alt argument higher park gets a lot of value but im too lazy to bus so i don’t consider it.