You just killed any alt below 1460

I am happy that honing up to 1445 is now free of gold and I couldn’t care less about the gold nerfs considering that you don’t need it anymore until attempting to push to 1460 and beyond. If the gold nerf bothers you so much then maybe you should try to experiment with different things and figure out how to make extra gold other than from raiding.

One thing that I have always disliked about this game was the abysmally low honing rates. The required cost and mats would be fine a single hone that should be a easy upgrade but no, honing rates are so abysmally low that your honing costs accumulate astronomically.

I agree with someone I read post about this earlier, higher ilvl characters should be earning more gold from raids than their alts.

Your idea is good in theory. In practice you need a lot of resources to funnel into your main to stay on top and that means alts being able to generate that gold for you. Or RMT.

I am also happy for you, so when you finally get your characters to 1460 you’ll end up without any means to get gold. Happy 1460 forever!

that was literally my last reply to you and I said you should make the argument of having more liquid assets to maintain your main and that my argument only works assuming your main is maintained on top of alt pushing.

but for most hardcore players that isn’t an issue, especially ones who bus. Like I said what I suggested should only be for hardcores who play a lot and will play for at least 1 year

Yeah I know, but still that makes things more complicated for me from now on.

As i said in the OP, i don’t mind a gold nerf that is reasonable. I also like the fact that honing to 1445 is now free of gold. But the nerf was just too much. If anything, they should reverse Valtan HM nerf, and nerf Vykas NM so it’s not an infernal torture with pugs. That would still mean a reasonable gold nerf to alts (Argos down to 1/3, Vykas down to 1/2), but a space to breathe for making some gold and pushing further.

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i wish i knew more about economy just to get into this discussion haha :frowning:

btw, is vykas normal worse now?

The problem is not the gold nerf.
The problem is the honing rate that see you spend thousands of gold.
I can figure out how to make money without raiding or RMTing. Can you?

Honing rates above 1460 remain unchanged, unlike your gold income.
Have fun :slight_smile:

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Maybe spend some time looking at the codex and you will see that you’re wrong.

But my point still remains. the abysmally low rate is what drives your honing costs up.

Imagine trying to give pro arguments to a gold nerf that only takes away and brings literally zero benefits for the player.


I’m sure the 1460 Artists with a free 4/3 build will get into many Vykas hards. Catch me running every raid on ilvl all the way till June 14th.

Investing on higher lv alts is useless, you cant profit from high lv Busses, neither on my sane mind i would like to do clown, brel and other multiple times.

So many boyscouts in here with stupid non real solution, since there is none. Devs forces players to level up alf 4-5-6 and on top of it, to ger engravings and everything else.

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get gud on an ilevel alt that is made to farm gold.
Not every one has no life to invest to alts and do 5 extra clown everyweek.


I said thats gonna happen !
I said it yesterday in my post

Don’t know I made yesterday the Ayaya and honed directly to 1460 without buying any mats so it cost only a bit gold from 1445 to 1460.
Yes a Express Event character get enough mats to hone till 1460 and even above maybe only some leaps (depends on luck) will be missed.

And that was the 2nd or 3rd express Event till 1445 so you should have atleast 2 or 3 alts at 1460 already + main above. Except you didn’t play during all that time and just started now with Ayaya.

Yesterday I met so much bad players. Not kidding, whole new level of bad players and not just new characters. No no, 1490+ characters too.
I dont know what happened yesterday but players forgot how to play this game. And no, they werent beginners. All of them with 130+ roster level.

You dont need to invest 5x3, 90+ quality in a character to not being completely useless in the whole fight. You wont be cruel fighter, totally okay, but can you not die in the first 30 second and just do the mechanics?


what is with people being alergic to the create party button?

Yeah, I agree it’s just a s*it show since yesterday. Ppl even gatekeeping on Argos, that’s just laughable…


I made yesterday 2 Argos and both where jailage. Or better to say the people who joined didn’t even know the mechs of g1. Good that it was only 4 pugs and 4 premate where the premates where 2 high ilv and 2 ayaya. So it was possible to clear but with full pug oh no.

10 year of mmo experience well darn , if only that mean anything

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