You know it's bad when ATK says gunslinger sucks

actually yes, if “evidence” can be easily yielded from any scenario without factoring in variables, class balance would be a trivial task. We simply lack the tools such as a reliable dps meter (not arguing for or against it) in raid to conclude concrete class relative performance. This results in ppl with tons of anecdotal “evidence” most of which are irrelevant.

This is why real world experiments are designed and conducted to limit variables, yielding data of statistical significance.

This statement prove to me that you are still missing the point we are discussing.

So then what are you complaining about because you (by your own admission) have no evidence?

This is 100% a viable point. The amount of players with terrible builds who complain they perform terribly blows my mind. Having a proper build is important. People who make class judgements but have no idea how to build their class have no grounds to comment on how it performs.

I have made zero complaints regarding my gs performance against other players in current endgame content. It is condescension to assume players that have access to all end game content can not even put together a proper build for their main…

we are here to discuss the evidence of gs relative performance yielded from topic scenario. do not assume every gs/de thread spirals into ppl begging for your evaluation of their build, fighting over scrapes of class and build knowledge from a “god” player.

I am simply deriving evidence from the topic clip…
When a skilled player performs better on a less played alt lancer using inferior gear than his more practiced, better geared gs. this rare opportunity can allow derive of evidence regarding relative performance discrepancy.

what part of this do you not understand?

To me this scenario is more revealing of gs relative performance than all of your (and my own) anecdotal evidence against other players.

So you are trying to convince me that the Korean content being different doesn’t matter even though on the content we have Gunlancer is not even close to Gunslinger in damage? And not by a looooooooong shot.

Please elaborate on this? My buddy who plays a fully decked out Red Gunlancer, and I mean decked to the gills who I have played with almost every single day since day 1 will tell you this.

So tell me how Korea is relevant. Please tell me.

You walked right into my trap. This is as GG as it gets. Say GG and just move on.

I am not trying to convince you of anything. I simply presented my points, most which you have yet to comprehend.

i simply see Kr content as our future content. I see no reason to discard evidence presented from kr content.

Why is kr content irrelevant? are you saying our version will end up different than kr? if so, please explain.

more pointless, anecdotal, irrelevant opinions…

you have yet to even comprehend my points let alone forming a proper rebuttal. your anecdotal, irrelevant arguments filled by condescension and elitism only serve to derail from the topic discussion at hand.

This isn’t anecdotal. Gunlancer does not come anywhere near close to ANY of the damage classes. Nowhere near. This is a WELL KNOWN FACT. This is very well known in the community. This not my anecdotal experience. This is known that in the content that we currently have that Gunlancer does not perform well in damage. Fact, plain and simple. That is it. You have to accept this point and in doing so you have to recognize that there are differences between KR and our client. Doing otherwise is a blatant lie. Again, plain and simple.

Your point is that you are trying to make an argument from authority by taking a clip in the context of a solo valtan run? That is your evidence.

Argument from Authority — Critical Thinking | Intelligent Speculation.

Smilegate, the people with the actual data made the judgement on how to balance. How about that for data.

Why am I going to complain about a version of the game I don’t play? I play this version and on this version Gunslinger is fine.

that is anecdotal, calling it a “well known fact” does not make it definitive and relevant.

I simply see the kr client as the future content to our version and judge evidence derived from it accordingly.

I disagree. Argument from authority does not apply to my argument.

As i have stated prior, What interested me regarding topic clip is the variables presented. I see variable/context is the most important aspect when deriving “evidence” from a scenario, not the “authority” of the presenter.

I have never stated “because ATK is an streamer of “authority” that we should immediately agree with his reaction.” As I have stated the unique nature of this scenario can allow insight and discussion into gs relative performance discrepancy.

my statement still stands that kr is relevant to our content within relative context and can be used as a source to derive “evidence” from. just because you have no complaints does not serve as a rebuttal.

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Keep lying to yourself so you don’t feel bad so bad about your poor Gunslinger gameplay. I’m done with you. You can’t even admit reality. It is know that at this stage in the game that Gunlancer performs poorly in damage to all the damage classes. This isn’t anecdotal. Keep deluding yourself to convince yourself that you’re not the problem.

I’m done responding to you. You can’t accept reality.

so you are unable form any proper argument and thus gone back to the typical condescending statements. what a surprise!

I will take that as a GG from you.

ah,…so this is your last stand…moving the discussion toward gunlancer performance yet still providing anecdotal evidence.

All you did was move from point to point, unable form a proper rebuttal to any of them. grasping at straws yet unable to grasp the initial point of the discussion.

I do appreciate your effort to keep this discussion thread on top though.
thank you.

Take the L, add it to your growing collection and move on…

updating me with your current status is comical yet unnecessary.

Dunno about first one but Named is a huge whale with gear waay better than anyone.

He is a huge whale being 1457 with level 7 gems? What are you talking about? A huge whale would be a 1500+ with level 9+ gems.

I was about the exact same setup and ilvl as him a few weeks ago when that video was posted. So were most of my friends. None of us are whales.

I don’t think you know what a whale is buddy.

He has got 9/10 gems though, now anyway it doesn’t show what he has in that vid i think.

he also had full bis relic accessories 3 weeks ago, that would have cost a small fortune, also i know he runs two 12/12 engraving books.

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I love playing my GS alt, I think she does great damage and I usually MVP Yohos with 3332 kbw/hitm/adren/pm 100/500/500 crit/swift/spec and lvl3-4 gems, but I just got my SH to 1370 yesterday and all I can say is what the actual fuck?

How is it fair?
1500spec/500swift with 4x3 grudge-cdoll-adren-demon and I literally did between 45% and 57% on 4 Yoho raids. No tripods obviously, just lvl6 dmg and lvl5 cd demonic gems.

Like probably close to double the damage of both my GS and Zerker that are 1370.

Tankier with grudge+cdoll than both those classes without either. And she’s a melee class that doesn’t need direction attacks.

What a game.

this dumbtown guy 100% never mvp on every game
cause he can only show videos when ppl are carrying and meaning theyre skilled players that not only play gs a lot but also know the mechs on every raid to the little tiniest details
never ever he can do the same thing
im pretty sure he hasnt even touch valtan hard
what we’re discussing here is how punishing it is to play gs while the reward isnt as huge as the risk
and its not just asking for the reward to be multiplied but how the risk could be made more manageable
ive rerolled to a deathblade, and never ever a gunslinger on my raids can do more dmg than me even on the same ilvl or sometimes higher, ill always stay on top
the only one that is more competitive is shadowhunter and obviously sorceress
unless of course my rotation is perfect then ill still win from a sorc
animation lock skills is not 100% bad mechanics
you can see zerker with animation lock skill dark rush, but its push immunity while on gs its not, you wont get cancelled ever on zerk animation lock skills, but not on gs, youll get cancelled, youll get damaged, and youll lose dps
thats not a risk thats good to take

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So this is me MVPing my last 3 Valtan hard raids with my Deadeye. But yeah man I have no clue what I am talking about. I don’t know ANYTHING. I don’t know anything mechanics or animation locks because Deadeye has none of those. Deadeye has the highest armor value in the game as well. Best part of Deadeye is the huge range shotgun damage offers, can blast from literally anywhere! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I don’t screenshot my Gunslinger MVPs because I never thought of it as much as an accomplishment. My belief was Gunslinger MVPing was the standard but apparently I’m grossly wrong. I screenshot my Deadeye to break the stigma that Deadeye is bad. Apparently I need to do the same for Gunslinger now.

yup, of course man, show pictures that:

  1. doesnt even prove thats you
  2. doesnt even show others builds, how can we believe that you are not 1490 and others are 1445? lmfaoooooooooo
  3. yeah sure, of courseeeeeeeeee, just post a picture of you playing another class that is similar to the one being discussed on and expect people to believe that you are the best at the actual class

deadeyes and gunslingers uptime are different
are you dumb?

I’m not even gonna bother with the garbage above.

Gunslinger has higher uptime than Deadeye…I know I ask this all the time, but do you guys even think before you talk? And you’re typing so you must.

How in the world are you going to say:

and not think it’s the dumbest thing ever said?

what a piece of work
i actually cant argue with you
im done being drag down to your stupidity level and getting beat on it
its okay, you can keep posting your deadeye mvps in a gunslinger discussion
keep doing that

good job!

Don’t worry, I’ve taken note. I will start screenshotting my Gunslinger MVPs. I’ve done my weeklies but I promise I will start screenshotting them for you next week.

You came here and told me I don’t know anything about Valtan hard when I am playing arguably the more difficult and punishing version of the gunners. Sorry that I proved you wrong?

You actually tried to argue that Deadeye has a higher uptime than Gunslinger. Is this real life?