You know why i hate tier 2 dungeon?

Because you can’t carry, you just can’t, i take some exemple.

Dungeon 1 of yorn, if someone die at the end, its over, because we need to be 4 for the orb phase.

If someone screw the orb mechanic, its over, its a wipe for everyone.

You can’t carry at all, if someone still continue to fail, you will never get pass the boss, you need to leave the dungeon.

Some of the sea dungeon are the same, if someone don’t do the mechanic, its over.

Now take the T3 dungeon, and why they are so GREAT AND FUN to do.

Someone die or don’t do mechanic for the first dungeon ? Who care, i can clearly solo the clown myself, so no frustration.

Now for albion ? Everyone is DEAD, damn what can i do ? Yes you can still solo him, its fun and nice, because its not once again a one shot for everyone if someone don’t do something or die.

That why i love doing tier 3 dungeon, i hate one shot mechanic if someone miss something, its over for everyone, its so frustrating, because its not about you, its about someone who fail.

edit : 19/04/2022 short video of the fight


As my parents always said: You will eat what´s on the table.

You go with a random group, you get examples like yours.


Albion has a wipe mechanic that requires all 4 players be alive and inside the safe zone.


only if enrage.

its not about the group, i don’t have any problem with people not doing mech or dying, i just speak about the difference of tier 2 and tier 3 dungeon, you have no one shot mechanic in tier 3. Which is nice.

Albion and Velganos (T3) have oneshot mechanics.


No they don’t, only if enrage.

False. You can do it as 3 easily, done it multiple times when some1 missed the buff.


Nope, is the wipe mechanic of lighting phase, not enrage one.


Yes Albion has 3 core mechanics:

  1. 4 safe spots for each player with “stars” (no safe zone = you dead)
  2. 1 big safe zone for everyone while you need to avoid electrocute orbs (all alive players need to be inside, wipe for all otherwise)
  3. Memory game, big dmg, survivable with shields if you are too dumb to remember safe places

And it doesn’t matter if you fail stagger check or not, these mechs are random and can occur differently during tries.


On a side note, what is your experience with this mechanic? From my albion runs, i can safely say that my success rate with it is <20%. Someone pretty much always dies.

It has come to a point where our clear depends whether this mechanic decides to show up or not

I don’t really know. I seems it happens very rarely, mostly star one. But during my playtime I failed it once with my guildmates because I got hit by orb and couldn’t get into safespot on time. Still not a big deal

Albion literally has a mechanic that kills you if all four players aren’t alive in it lol.

got this situation very rarely

Thats great for you but its happened almost every pull for me

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for me it happen only if we don’t stagger him, no ?

No clue, I do hard mode and there is no stagger mechanic, im also a bard so I have very little control over stagger checks anyways.


Yeah i’m wondering if it tends to be an easy mechanic for other people. Oreha itself isn’t hard, but that mechanic in my experience is pretty much always a guaranteed wipe

didn’t manage yet to beat hard mode, people die too much, i need to see if i can join a true party.

Nah when you do it in party finder it shouldn’t be a problem. As far as I remember this mech occurs twice and the only problem is if the safe spot spawns way too far