You lied AGS. You can't tell people they get to keep pheons and then do this

AGS are trying to mess up a good game again. I don’t know why.

Exactly. I have no idea how these ppl swallow this down, but AGS has seen right through them. They’re literally pulling our legs now, and AGS won’t hesitate to scam us more.

Im still in shock, the screw-up and WHAT THEY DID AFTER?
I still cant belive

I don’t know what you’re talking about, you can’t get the benefits of spending phoens and not want to bear the costs yourself

Yeah i can’t believe they gave us 60 pheons and an animal skin :'c

The problem is AGS tricked players to make purchases. A lot of players didn’t plan to invest more in tripod than they originally did.

Since AGS announced they weren’t gonna take away the pheons, many decided to buy more tripods. Then they instantly got charged overnight after the patch and got put in negative pheons which locked them out of AH/Market, forcing them to balance it out. AGS literally lured players into a credit card trap with the title “free”.

There are even players who bought tripods on Lopang alts for fun because they were lied to. This whole just turned out to be a huge scam.

Same bro same!