You log in and you see you have a letter

A letter with one million gold, what do you do ?


send it back…
why would you risk a ban?

100% will get flagged and risk a fat ban guarantee.
Anyone else you send a portion of it to will also be tracked and risk a ban.

Not worth.

i dont take it, because i know i will get banned, if i received much gold via mail. at least that’s what my head says. but as a habit, I will certainly accidentally click on accepting and delete the mail without reading it, because i only get mails for the auction house or the automatic mails of the guild. translated with google

ignore it and submit a ticket, sending it back would probably count as you transferring the gold

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i would take the risk

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Same. Win/Win from my POV. Either the system works, and I catch a ban, or it doesn’t, and I now have about a lot more reasons to play the game. Touch grass or kick ass basically.

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Actually you open it and … It’s the consolation song. Again. You have received it already in all your 5 chars :pensive:


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You screenshot it and send it back. Proceed to report it for possible RMT.

Most likely you will be fine only people who got small ammounts of “illegal” ways are getting banned :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

unless I know where and from whom it arrived I’d leave it

I’ll spend this million to up my scouter when it’s coming in september

I’ll take it, then after 1 year if i don’t get ban, i post here again with screen shot with “Free 1 million gold no ban”

Take a screenshot then report it.