"You must complete the previous level of the Rapport quest"

See the attached picture. I am trying to interact with Neria to gain Rapport. I already have Amicable Level 3 because I gave her some items from a chest I got. So now I was trying to interact again but I can’t even emote with her. It looks like the game thinks I have a rapport quest, but I don’t see one . I tried to interact on my alts but I get the same message.
Any ideas?

I am having the exact same issue! Except I dont even see the quest under the Emote option. I dont have any alts yet but i gave her 2 items that boosted rep. Im wondering if it’ll show when I make an alt.

I see the Rapport quest at the bottem. you need to have more virtue points to access it.

You need to complete the quest first to unlock it. “Receive a quest” is clickable in the lower left corner. Usually these things are “Virtue gated” requiring more charisma or wisdom or something.

It’s also greyed out, maybe you don’t have the requirements. It’s a shame you can’t just bury them in gifts and be good but hey…you can’t just buy affection I guess lol.