You NEED a support for HM Vykas!

Says the supports trying to charge people just to play their class in content they need to do anyway and can’t clear without the people they’re trying to charge.
Yall cringe af. We out here speedrunning HM Vykas blind and with no supps. (All ilvl -1470)

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Yeah, they just all needed to be 40+ ilvl over the requirement to clear it, lmao.


The problem here is lack of context. Were these people at ilvl or above it?

Good clip showing how easy the enrage is if done properly is nice though.

Wrong. Highest was 1470. All 1462.50 - 1470.

That Gunslinger is at 103k HP, that’s gigawhale territory.

Seems like that’s a +22 or +23 glow on Shadowhunter MVP. And others in MVP also have +21 weapons.


Yeah, and what’s wrong with focusing on our weps instead of armor to hit the ilvl? As a dps class that’s the perogative… Some of us had relic stones and 1-6 relic accs. I have 0 relic accs.

I’ve got +19 armor across the board on my Paladin and I’ve got 50+ quality on all armor and I have 106k HP.

My Gunslinger alt at 1370 has like 75k HP with stone vitality bonus for 12 nodes. My Paladin had like 90k at 1370. And it just keeps scaling.

That’s a giga overgeared group.

In my group I had a couple of Sorcs with 1470-1480ilvl, decent armor quality and they didn’t even have 90k HP. Gunslinger is around the same.

You can literally see the food buff that gives 5k+ hp above hp bar… Guess you’re too new at the game to understand that there are buffs that give hp. Mb for assuming you knew.

Still +3 equipment levels over the recommended.

And comms in Russian? Yeah, sure that people from the region where the game has been out for years are doing it blind now.

Yeah, 3 of us played on Ru and now also play on this clown circus version of the game. What’s your excuse for the other 5? Also, when did aprx +3 over ilvl become “giga whale” ? So many f2p players are 1460- 1470, myself included. I have 0 relic accs as well…

So it went from blind to “3 of us played”.

Also, when did aprx +3 over ilvl become “giga whale” ?

My bad, not gigawhale. Giga overgeared.
Go into the raid with 1460 ilvl, then go with even 1475, let alone anything higher. The damage difference you take is huge.

So many f2p players are 1460- 1470, myself included. I have 0 relic accs as well…

I’m also 1477, besides the point. I said already, bad wording from me.

U def dont need support for vykas, its all one shot mechanics, and she only has a few normal attack patterns that are very easy to avoid.

Support is good for doing it the first time but after that 8 dps better. Blue GL still good for the stagger, counter and can take out 2 tentacles with awakening tho

Nothing outside of you are telling the average player who would be at +18 all that they don’t need shields/heals for the fight, which while technically true the fight is going to be much harder in general.

Your 20/21+ weapons push phases faster, meaning the fight ends faster, less pot usage. If your +19 all your taking less chip damage, etc.

Nobody is saying you must have a support to play the game, they are saying your experience while progressing through new content is a much more enjoyable experience with one.

It isn’t just about heals. It’s about absorbing hits that might have knocked you down, soaking explosions that would force the party to TS/Pot, etc.

People downplaying the need for a support is just as sad as the shortage of supports itself.

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Support is good for doing it the first time but after that 8 dps better.

This is where you’re wrong.

There’s literally no chance 4x DPS does more damage than 3+1 support if we assume they all do the same damage. Not even close. Especially when supports get full Yearning set.

Noone in our group was 1475 All 1470 or under with most around 1465.

Yeah, sure, people with +22 weapon are 1460.

That would mean you’d have armor under the required ilvl and die in 1 hit to all bigger attack if you’ve got grudge.

But yeah, 1465 gunslinger with 103k HP, sure.

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Im talking about now, after u learn the mechs u dont need support. Noone will have the yearning set currently

Not downplaying the effeciency of a support. Just showcasing that you can 8 man dps HM Vykas with a group 2.50 - 10 ilvls above the req. It’s merely a statement do discourage people from paying gold for supports to do exactly what they’re doing; playing the content they need to. It’s simply extortion.

Supports need permanent 10-20% honing rates

I said even without yearning set. That just makes it not even close.

Paladin = permanent 31% dmg to everyone and 15% more with around 30-35% uptime.

Bard is even better for burst, less for sustain damae.