You need a survey

Im linking this because i think it was a fantastic idea that got very little traction.

Most people are not on these forums. Most people are not on Reddit. I know you guys have multiple ways of gathering information but if most people are in game, it honestly makes sense that a huge source of your intel gathering should be from players in game. To my recollection, I dont think I’ve seen an in-game survey (if I’m wrong, please let me know). Most players would just ignore it typically, so youd likely have to offer incentive to do the survey. A small account bound offer of around 50-100 blue crystals would, for myself at least, provide incentive to fill out the survey. Its a small sum that wouldnt break the bank, but would have some significance for players (this could give a decent supply of leapstones for example). It doesnt necessarily have to be blue crystals either. Just something to make it worth the time to fill out.

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Agree 100%!!!


Also twitter isn’t the place for those if they happen, they should be in game with a pop up and maybe a small reward for doing so (5k silver would make most players want to do it) to reach most of the players


You think 5K silver would do it? Idk. I cant say for sure that id do it for 5k silver.

50 blue crystals though? Now you have my attention.

Maybe it would be enough though. Idk

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love this idea actually, games improve significantly when adopting in game survey methods since people sometimes need extra incentive to report bugs, or provide QOL feedback!

running a community survey every 4-6 months for improvement feedback with rewards for quality completion would make the community at large feel heard


Small reward for short in game survey every now and then is fine. Anyone who wants to give feedback will give feedback. We don’t need big rewards to incentivize players to just fill in the survey randomly just for the reward.

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I mean sure it would be amazing to get something like 50 crystals, but the thing is you already have the survey results helping improve the game as a reward too, but yes I agree more would probably hit even the people that don’t care about the survey (but trying to hit those might be bad since they can just answer anything just for the reward)

Oh some people would absolutely just randomly click, but passions seem to run deep for this game and most people seem to want it to succeed. I think a significant portion of people would take the time to fill it out and add their personal thoughts at the end, but of course, some wont.

Theres ultimately not much you can do about that though.


Yes i was very upset about the pvp surveys being only in twitter… I dont use Twitter and many people dont too, twitter is not that popular in EU as far as i know and i hope hink the survays should be dont in the game or in the official lost ark webpage with announced in game.


I dont even have Social Media Accs. I would love to have the survey ingame.

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Thanks a lot for sharing my post, i even sent a PM for the first time to Roxx to get his attention as it was drowned in the void of many other topics.


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Shared. upvoted. notification bell???

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fantastic idea, as well include an optional comment section at the end for additional feedback, mostly because i would imagine they wouldn’t be able to include all the topics that matter to players.
also quarterly would be my suggestion.
as for incentive I would do it for free but thats just me

these fantastic ideas will get ignored because it does not result in amazon getting instant money

that being said, even on epic 7 smile gate mobile game, they had surveys
im with the idea i think it would help alot, even if it doesnt it would at least give the playerbase a feeling of input

because these forums are a circle jerk and unless its a bug that relates to not being able to use the shop, nothing will change

I’d agree. To both current and past players. With mostly multiple choice based questions instead of fill in the text box so they don’t have to sift through a bunch of flamer comments.

LOL. I provided a like on your post, because I do like your ideas, but it cracks me up when people keep asking for free stuff. I get your point, but its still funny to me.

And yes, I would answer random question for free in game stuff.

There is a player experience team that absolutely works on things like surveys! I’m not 100% sure on their full plans and distributions, etc but it does exist!! I can see if I can track down more to share.

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That would be great! the more detailed the survey the better!