You need to extent the duration of pack claims

We are offered our support pack on new character until monday. I cant get in on any server at all. This offer needs to last longer if we even shall have a change of getting it on another server. Im on a “low” populated server and have waited in 3 hours and still 8000 in que.
Wich means we will loose our pack anyway, if we dont have the option to make a new character at all.

I have just tryed to connect to all servers cant get into one single server.
And for everyday we cant play we just loose more and more of our Crystalline Aura.

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+1, tried to login in just now. Every EU-Server has a queue above 8000 right now. I’m a working dad so I can only play in the evening. Looks like that won’t be possible in the next days thanks to the queues.