You need to solve this now

Bots are obviously winning. Massively. 10k+ queues everyday, every hour, every minute. 1-2 hours just to login.

But what? “A kingdom ruled by fear is a kingdom not worth ruling” AGS community moderator. You won’t Perma ban RMTers.

Maybe lock servers at least temporarily so current players can actually play? “Locking servers is not a long term solution and stops new players from joining”

AGS, now what? It all fundamentally comes down to one thing: we can’t play without going through 10k+ queues. I created a new character on US East only to fall asleep because your leveling process is boring AF. Never mind the hundreds of hours I’m willing to leave behind because I’m THAT exasperated. The only option you guys are giving us is to quit. Then congratulations ahead of time on your “new players”. Because I’m an inch away from peacing out.

And all of y’all who are not on US West who think you’re witty and white knighting this ridiculous situation can go screw yourselves. Literally, because this won’t stop at US West. Oh no, the bots WILL do the same to you. It’s only a matter of time and AGS can’t do a thing about it. Keep that same energy when you also have to go through a 2 hour queue just to do your dailies.