You plan on fixing calendar?

So to the point, adding activities to calendar doesn’t work.
While adding anything to the calendar i get this error.
The moment i close calendar and open it again, it’s clear. Enything i added gets deleted instantly.

I’ve seen posts about it from like 2 weeks ago, but there is 0 response from AGS about this.

I can’t provide a timeframe for you. However I can assure you that this issue has been escalated to the team. Thanks.

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And you plan on fixing the reports I made and no CM answered?

  • Integrated Preset failing to adjust your stats when you go into adventure island and switch presets.
  • Mage premade faces unable to switch eyebrow color.
  • EU clock is still not adjusted to server time in many countries, since we switched to daytime saving hours.
  • Some kind of weird bug in island pvps where you don’t do dmg.
  • We didn’t get Fever Time last weekend.

I am tired of reporting stuff and not a CM answer, honestly.

It’s like Bots, we report them but they still there, I wonder if its even worth it to use my time to report because all we get are automated responses.

Hi, I’ll have a look through some of your posts.

  • The mismatch with clocks has been reported to the team.
  • I believe Fever Time was working at least today, the team are aware and actively fixing.
  • Bots is an ongoing issue that Roxx and other CM’s have been discussing. This was from 1d ago.


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2 weeks of bugged calendar and still no sign to be fixed yet.