You ruined the game for me and I quit!

  1. EU Queues
  2. Restart on EUW
  3. Huge amount of platin pack stuff gone
  4. EUW becomes more dead every week
  5. Back to EUC
  6. 300 hours of progress gone with it
  7. im going over to FF14
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If you had played an mmo before you would have known the queues would be gone after some time and you would have known how important it is to play where others also do.


EUW is completely fine, idk what you are talking about. Unless you play early morning/late night you can matchmake into every content, theres enough people for worldboss and chaos gates. Never had a problem. i have chars in all tiers

cya. have fun with FF14. can’t say you’ll be missed.

  1. I’m tired
  2. of seeing
  3. these kinds of shitpost
  4. over and over
  5. Thank god
  6. you going back to
  7. FF14! never come back :slight_smile:
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