You seriously are going to make players behind by slowly drip feeding classes and you just furthered the drip…

Honestly so mad at amazon. Imagine playing a class in another region for years and then when the game finally comes to your region you switch over because the client is readable.

Only to be stopped by amazons horrible plan.

Do you guys even realize that the longer a class takes to release the further behind it gets in gear and item level? OR is this the plan all along? Wait for the player to spend all its money on its characters now and the release the ones they wanted way later so they pay even more?

The player base is extremely healthy for months now, to act like you need to save classes as incentive for players to come back and play is bs.

To top all this off, free to play players are NOW just reaching 1445 and just NOW able to do Valtan hard mode this coming week…giving players only 16 days to prepare for the next raid….

The fact that the new raid is already coming when you said you would make sure ilvl and gear of the player base was at majority. I can tell you most people are not and wont be 1460 in two weeks…

You guys continue to screw up and then ban people on the forums for calling it out.

You should of released scouter in june and the new raids in July. The fact you didn’t follow the formula of last roadmap just puts a disgusting taste in everyones mouth.


I haven’t been on the forums in weeks because I was actually happy with the direction the game was going. Well, here I am again… But good luck trying to get them to change, CMs said this is fairly set in stone. Crazy to think that some unlucky sap isnt gunna get their class til 2024 at this rate, hoping its not scouter because by then I’ll be long gone.