You used Feedback 9 Times In Message From The Team Yet

I wonder which players are those you are taking feedback from? It obviously is not players in the forum and in Lost Ark. I have never seen player feedback that suggests more events for Materials but I remember seeing MANY posts that include complaints about missing contents like Abyss Trials, Heroic Guardians for more material acquisition. You used that word 9 times but you dont really seem to care or listen to players’ feedback at all. Are you mocking us or what?
If you simply said Next Week Abyss Trails, Heroic guardians and South Vern then you would be even gaining the players you have lost past month by giving positive thoughts about AGS but instead some genious in your meetings throw “lets give them an event for some little materials and sleep 1 more month” and you listen to him instead of players.

I was one of those advocates for the missing content, but I wanna believe that it will be coming, and this is a bandaid for the problem before the permanent content comes out.

I think those are all slated for next month so no shot we get any of them. But the guardian event they’re giving us should give more mats than all those 3 combined simply because it’s daily not weekly like those 3.

Yeah a new event will fix everything man with capped time gated acquisition. Until the permanent solution comes there wont be many people around. Maybe ur not at T3 yet but u will see what I mean if you come. There is literally no meaning to play at this point and yeah 1 event wont fix anything.

We dont even know how many they will drop. I doubt it will be much. Pointless. Its a false hope to keep people related while milking those whales more.

Then quit the game lmao . IDK why people complain so much on the forums the time to complain is over for now they already have a set solution and it’ll be out next week. No point in complaining before seeing the results. Why go through these motions?

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The thing people like you refuse to understand is that was never the case in RU or Korea with Argos release. They had those contents so better material acquisition. You think its not intentional? Its to milk players and feel them forced to Pay to progress because there is NO OTHER WAY at the moment. Look how fast they bring Argos so they are pretty capable of bringing content IF THEY WANT.
Let me ask you something. When you encounter an issue in your life, do you try to fix it or kill yourself? Stop telling people to quit instead of criticizing and complaining about the product. You might not be thinking yourself as a human but we are customers here and we have every right to complain if product is shitty. We complain and try to fix it but if failure becomes a constant we stop using that product. Simple. You can see that in the charts. Some quit in 1 week some are more patient.

Its the kind of New World feedback which means its not feedback, its their ideas which are wrong by the way because they are not playing the game and they name it feedback+ninja nerfs and steath changes, thats what AGS been doing since the start.

OK? Then quit lol I don’t have such strong emotional ties to a video game. If you feel like they wronged you just quit don’t even show up on the forums all you’re doing is boosting their stats.

RU didn’t even release with T3 and it also lacked many content. Wasn’t even that big of a game in RU.

I mean I never said he’s wrong. I just said if you really feel these things just quit and let the game die like new world. It ain’t the only game lol no point in beating the dead horse, there’s already a million of the same posts on the forums.

I didnt say anything but since you dragged me into this i disagree with your view of just quit, people should be allowed to point out their opinions without people telling them to quit.

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you should just quit the game…i see your posts/comments every where and all you do is fukn whine and cry about every goddamn thing


You can keep ur mouth against problems but people like me will not. Im sure you are also okay with russia killing innocent people with this logic.

You are doing the exact same thing you are against. You are a hypocrite. There are also people like you who present their opinions and you are also doing the same. So why don’t you just shut up as you suggest?

They talking about me

I mean I didn’t make a whole forum post I’m only replying. I guess you never learned how forums are used. In that case my bad yet again you’re dumber than I thought lol.

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Oh so replying is okay but creating a thread is a problem. Your logic is hilarious :slight_smile:

Yes because replies are just like chat while post create discussion topics. Creating multiple of the same topic is the most idiotic thing I’ve seen. But hey AGS forums lol they clowns for not moderating it.

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Im a m0d, let me close this useless thread!


Dude, you need help and dont call people autistic, mods will perma ban you.