You wake Up in 2023 yet your class is still not here

Your reaction ?


My reaction is that I am happy that the Specialist class has not been and hopefully never will be released so that I can continue to enjoy my fantasy mature game.

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how can you be here again my god :s

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Then u can get the f out cos Specialist is gonna be released and the most popular class

Ngl, you look more sus especially when you keep mentioning specialist, artist in every thread etc…

Man, I dont know you need a therapy.


just ignore the troll, he has some kind of complex. Dunno whats in your mind but you keep talking shit about Specialist in every thread, man just stop, you are playing the wrong game for you

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Follow your own advice please. Your constant harassment is getting tiresome.

amazing that the broni creep keep popping up into class threads and has to mention what he feels towards specialist class :joy:

He keeps proving what he is thread after thread :joy:


I am against the child subclasses as well, but it’s just my opinion. I don’t like the Artist gameplay, but Aeromancer skills look cool. About the most popular, it’s copium. Sorc will be always the most played champion - easy to play, huge dps and ranged.

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Since homophobes talk exactly like that cause of an underlying fear of attraction to men and since (for me) the person that spots racism in every word is more racist than the one not spotting it in words that may imply it…

Ary you saying that hit dogs bark the loudest? :thinking: (if that even is a saying in english :sweat_smile:)

In 2023? Well for 2 classes this is the reality.