You want more support, but you will not play them

Its the same on every mmorpg, tank and healer are the rare player.

In world of warcraft if you play healer or a tank you jump instant into a dungeon, without any wait.

In ff14 its the same, we even get more reward for playing the missing role (healer or tank).

Here its the same, people want to play dps, doing big damage, and not support, remember support is not cool when you solo (the tower, or story), this is not the same than playing a big zerk or a demonist who explode everything.

I have feel it when i have done the tower with my paladin (which was my main before) and when i have done it with my demonist, playing a dps is more easy to progress, maybe not in group, but in general, even doing chaos dungeon is more fun with a dps.

First for myself i have change my main, who was a paladin because of the cost of the accessories on the market, that was so much, and because my gameplay was a bit boring, shield people all the time, heal them a bit with my aura, doing some spell, and that it.


Didnt you quit the game Like 2 Weeks ago?

You make a lot of comments and threads for someone that said multiple times that He did quit the game


Main support → get paid to run → buy better books and accessories and honing materials → Get paid more for higher content → Make bank → Pay for DPS stuff → DPS Chad

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There are 17 released classes, with only 2 of them being support, when you have to have 1 support for every 4 players. Mathematically, that’s a problem… Especially when they have a support class they haven’t released yet.

Even still, that ratio won’t solve the issue. There’s still going to have to be more people WILLING to play support. I have a support alt, but it’s an alt, so it’s not anywhere near Valtan ready. Once more people at least have a capable alt we can all rotate through, it’ll be fine. Until then, It’ll be rough.

If someone types inthe forums that they quit. They will always be back next week, or patch or whenerv. But they will be back


He’s a content farmer.


Release each class in the chronological order they came out, save for the starting classes.

Releasing artist will not fix the support shortage. Did not fix it or remedy it at all in Korea or any other region and it wont here.

I started as a dps main. I now main bard cause i noticed no supports. Im almost 1445 now with 3 1370 dps chars and 2 1340s.

Its a play style not a class style. No one will change from dps to support.

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Yup true

World support crisis solved. Just play support 4Head! Lol

@Jubilance true. Just because someone is angry or frustrated one day and say they quit doesnt necessarily mean that they quit.

Ive quit LoL like 10 times in the last 2 or 3 years haha… Im still an addict…

Ooooo howd you do that?! Do me! Do me!

how dare you said that. i already play paladin and bard and they are 1400gs now just need more leapstone to honing

How do this work? i have a 1420 Bard and this is getting me interested as a support version of bus, but i don’t have a friend to be the second support in valtan. I play in NA East Sasha.

Middle mouse click someone’s name to bring up their profile in a new tab.

If you want to look at your own


Nice :+1: lol 1/3 of my posts get liked xD it feels way more. Guess i gotta work on my SUBSTANCE

Your wrong, and this has been discussed ad nauseum.

If you release a support class while players still have open roster slots, you have a greater chance at getting more players into trying out a support class then if you wait until 2-3 more DPS classes are released, less players have access to free roster slots, less motivation to try a support (nobody wants to delete an established character for a new release) and is in direct conflict with the current problem.

A new Support now will not fix the current content support issues. It never will. Alts are very difficult to catch up to mains, but content does not disappear, as we progress, more alts will reach 1415, 1445, etc.

Releasing another DPS just dilutes the pool further, everyone who chooses to play that new DPS class is now +1 more roster weekly runs where you need to find a group in a party and hope that the support that you fought so hard to push back further so you could get your “main” DPS class released shows up to run the content with you.

The more the pool gets diluted and the balance of DPS/Support/Tank is stretched, the harder it will be for PF groups able to actually enter the content.

I get right now you can clear Valtan without a support, I am aware people have. Most will not however, and come Clown, nobody will.

I’m sure someone else can help with how they take advantage of the drought but 1420 looking good friend. Get dat bread. People are making good monies. Someone halp this support bro make the money.

We do have a support issue, games be like that. We mostly have an alts suck issue. It’s early game and most people probably started off as dps. Sucks to switch and you’re sharing tiny bit of mats with alt. Boost alts.

They just need to rework supports. They are so boring to play

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165 topics created, good christ.

That is also very true.

I personally started enjoying Paladin finally at 1370, Bard I just did not enjoy at all. Should a new Support be released (I really wish we had more un-released options beyond just Artist) I am saving a roster slot for it.

It’s a giant PITA to get 5 characters through PF as it stands right now, if I could remake everything on my account a Support I would in a heartbeat.

All content has been cleared without supports. Including hell modes.

Absolutely, there is nothing saying you can’t. But the vast majority of the players, when attempting content that is new are going to go in with as much help as possible.

Maybe after you’ve killed something for the 100th time the need of a support will be less important, but the average group is not going to get their first kill without supports, or without a whole lot of attempts that would not have been necessary had they had supports.

With this in mind, wouldn’t having players getting a new alt class gearing up be worth more as a whole than DPS #20 release?