You want more support, but you will not play them

Everyone in my guild have at least one support character, I have 2 at 1340, we just don’t bother to process it to the endgame content since the cost of it will delay their main’s gear process.

You just said that nobody can, lol. It’s the facetank mentality. Try to focus on dodging for a pull. You’ll come to realize that the main appeal is the attack buffs they provide.

Fair, slightly less than nobody will be able to clear Clown on day 1 without supports.

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why would anyone play something they dont enjoy smh

Also, since we’ll always be behind kr, theres always guides available. I would love to see pugs without comms do clown though.

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U are popular brother! Im proud

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NA pugs, who never played on KR/RU before and are just getting to know Lost Ark for the first time since the NA release, with guides, comms and a life coach cheering them on are still going to get clapped bad lol.

A guild of KR OGs are gonna be fine. A guild of NA are gonna get slapppppped.

Like I said, content farmer.

You post and post and post and eventually something hits.

You’re Buzzfeed of the forums.


I enjoy Paladin it’s really the only class I play.
As they haven’t released others or they are gender locked. Butt I don’t push content because of costs.

If I really wanted to blow everything I probably could but I don’t see the point. The community created the problem. Yeah tower and story take longer but I doubt that’s what holds people back.

I’ll continue the slow progression and playing PvP.

Oh yes. I know very well that NA is 3x4 = 16

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My god man, 16 isn’t even on the clock!

Clown without the leader sharing screen during the Maze is annoying though. Have to ping. All the pinging

The moral of the story is the game needs as much support as it can get. It’s a losing battle naturally, everyone wants the shiny new big damage maker without considering the value of getting some new Supports starting early on in the servers life span could hold potential future value.

But hey, we can be Ironman, flying around Punika waiting in Party Finder.

You played support? I’m getting more and more bored of playing my bard alt. You shield, you buff, sometimes heals. That is it. While on my main i Pew pew.

This kills the man.

But most of the time you’re spending chasing your teammates as they run away from your shields and heals.

Yeah the best thing they could do is (as you said above) is rework the supports to be a bit more impactful and fun to play. However I would assume Artist, being such a late created character, is a bit more fun to play? (I don’t know, I am an NA newbie)

If someone is willing to provide me materials to build a support for their guild I will play it. But I’m not wasting progression of my main for a support that’s only important for the first few weeks. After that, everyone will prefer DPS for faster clear. I completed Valtan without need of support character. I don’t understand the problem other than support is boring.

Uh well it’s better but not entirely it. At least it has a new thing with the portal and the Pogo stick shields. Oh and move speed field

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