You want more support? go level one! nobody is stopping you! - we know you wont or anyone else that isnt already support main - thats why we are asking for scouter

People seem to not understand that if players loved to play support, we would ALREADY have enough supports, but now supports are asking for another support just so they can reroll their main and we would STILL have the problem of supports because new players or current 100% of dps players are not interested in the support role even if they gave us 10 support classes in row.

You can meme, gif, force an opinion of supports to people down their throats, but KR after having artists, supports for years, still faces support issues.

So dont pretend like releasing artist is going to fix anything, nobody is gonna reroll their huge dmg numbers to an support.

Some people need to face the fact

Most popular streamer about the support shotage: even he says it never gets better, artist doesnt help anything

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Yeah I’ll get my PLD alt 1340 to 1415, I only need 5 to 10 months no big deal.

Indeed, Support is an problem in every game, and lost ark is not an exception, releasing artist, another supp, and 3rd supp even if they were in row, would bring absolutely 0% new supp players, because thats just how it goes, u have to sacrifice millions of dmg in order to turn to supp and you think people will do that? nope

or maybe just a couple thousand dollars and you’re 1415 Valtan ready to support!

I will gladly roll a Paladin if AGS would offer a Punika powerpass. It even doesn’t need to 1415, but at least increase the honing rate to get easier to 1415 from 1370. My main is 1460 and other alts 1415 and 1380 & 1370. I really don’t want to do this every time I create an alt, it’s exhausting.

They should let us buy powerpass from the shop, ez.

0% lol Pull numbers out your ass huh .

Scouter is good, doesn’t need support. Great dps and survivability while also cheap to build. Let’s get it. Summon scouter for June.

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And the thing is, people would 100% most likely spend those few thousand dollars to an DPS to increase their dmg output. Thats the nature of the game.

added video of most famous lost ark streamers opinion on supports, never gets better

Yeah i love how people are like ‘’ new support would get more players to play supp, nope that would only make palas and bards turn into other supp, leaving us with the shortage, since shortage isnt ever going away