You won't believe what just happened CLICK NOW to find out

and with that, have a nice sunday :smiley:


streamer client


ah screw you man

Honestly i might start making custom parties and only taking mokokos with 50 Roster level.

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haha yeah idk, they just all tp’d out before, was a random pug I joined earlier with matchmaking.

Something fishy going on there. The player who’s TP’ing has the Vykas title, definitely not a noob. Suspicious…

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with the title i expected something that isn’t just a card pack tbh… i feel disappointed

Pft. ya’ll just a static so case close.


it was not a static. if you are really curious and don’t believe me you can always add the support with the vykas title and ask him since friendlist is regionwide now

Also got one for 50. 2 in my party doesnt have much gold and the other one just said take it cuz they’re already happy with Lostwind set lmao

Games dead and full of just bots anyways so who cares tbh?

if you don’t play the game, please for the love of GOD LEAVE THE FORUMS AS WELL


Aight let me just create a new character and level it to 30 to ask him if he’s part of your static

@Kedit sounds like way too much work unless you are from EU-C

I always thought that you can only personally hate people that you know. Today is the day I learned that I was wrong.

“Guys, lets make party and then if we drop legendary book don’t bid on it so I can post pic on forum/reddit and pretend to be cool”


and then there is this guy on reddit who told his guildmate bid 200k on one of these

This is like a “Raid from home, make 2,000 greater leapstones per hour!” is it?