You'll get the skin you want

I just don’t understand why people are so mad about the change. If we can get the skin without having to gamble, isn’t that better?

People have been complaining about the gamble system to obtain cosmetic items for a long, long, long time. And now you want to keep the gacha system so you can get your precious sex skin faster? CM play with words, sometimes vague. I’m not sure how it’ll be released but you’ll get it. I think the time we should be mad is when they release it as a gacha without any change. That means we waited weeks for nothing.



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It’s okay Destuction, everything’s gonna be alright… pats

I forgot to add the comment. That is most people who play video games. I couldn’t give two shit if it comes out or not.

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imo thats a big W for me alot of ppl hate that system anyway

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