Your bet for scouter pp or express event?

or just extending maharaka vendor ?

Think it was mentioned quite some time ago, that there’ll be no powerpass.


roxx said 1 week ago that they are working for the 28 on an event for scout to help player REACH T3 end content faster

we don’t know what’s going to be my bet on express event or maybe even story express ?

Some have suggested an ark pass of some kind due to the timing.

what about nothing?
They said aleady there is another scuffed event, nothing else stop aksing the same thing over and over

Just some wierd event i guess, i dont think its a express

Did you read the latest post?

ark pass is coming after maybe october

they said no then they said yes so just wait 28 IF NOTHING IS BROKE

Guess so

Maharaka 3.0 is my bet; another vendor with mats and pheons. I hope to god it’s not story express

possible yeah if they had more pheon i’m okay with but if it’s a vendor lock to the selected character that’s gonna be shot

Ranch event.

nah comon don’t curse us

Roxx said a couple of times, there won’t be any event or powerpass for Scouterist.
But I believe to remember, that she also said - about 2 or 3 weeks ago - they will try and see if maybe an event is possible.

yeah roxx said the said no then said +


For those eager to create a Machinist, we’re looking into some special progression events to help players level up and face the Demon Legion Commanders and other Tier 3 end-game threats. We’ll have more specifics leading up to the launch of the September Update in next week’s release notes!

We look forward to seeing new Machinists across the battlefields of Arkesia on September 28. In the meantime, we’ll see you in Arkesia celebrating Arktoberfest.

there will be some event for scouter. either an event or maybe arkpass cause it was mentioned in their post there.

could you show where the ark pass is mentioned ?

all i know is roxx said recently that ark pass is coming but after server merge

most likely story express not the usual hyper express

would be boring but well there is item to get so yeah why note