Your bot strategy is not working

I just brought an alt into Dyorika Plain for the first time, noticed I was in channel 20, clicked the channel drop down, and discovered there’s a channel 40. 40 channels of 90-something% bots should really tell you that what you’re doing isn’t working. This is a huge failure for you guys.

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I went to Rania Village in North Vern today for an Ealyn rapport quest and I am absolutely astounded at the amazing amount of bots here. I’ve never seen this many bots anywhere before and I’ve spent a lot of time with bots in Rethramis/Luterra, Stern and Vern Castle. Incredibly, your bot problem has recently gotten horrendously worse than it already was. There is now an endless stream of them coming and going to visit Gideon here.

Please do something more to deter them. They turn the game into a cluster fire.

I would gladly sit for an hour a day banning as many as I could if you gave me the ability to do so. GMs sitting ingame and banning them would be much appreciated by all real players.