Your community wants a class per month

the community wants what was promised, one class per month, having to wait 2 months to have a new class and so that it is not to everyone’s liking so that many consider stopping playing until their class is out!! I claim the reaper


Where was this promised?

It was said in a community post , but afterwards they said that they would release a class every two

nah they only said they will “accelerate class releases” way back.

Which…when compared to every other region we will get that.

with 2 class per month people are demanding all classes in less than 9 months.

That’s unreasonable.

Compared to the money they would make by releasing it 1 per month?
Will outshine any “feedback” people give on the forums.

I see no world where they will bend over for faster 2 classes a month.


you think the community has something to say? LMAO. only they can decide and no one else. if they say “no”, its “no”. we cant change it


Yeah… And the same “community” would cry about no new classes 10 days after the last one was released.

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Can you provide a link to this post?

The inital announcement was, “One class release every TWO months.”
No one knows why they released the first two classes one per month. This was never announced or intended.

Also, the community wants all classes right away. Not one per month.

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Yeah, we do

i think they do this so people have to buy more character slots. if you wait, people will get restless and fill out their roster, then release new classes and require people to buy more slots. im pure f2p and have been sitting on my last 1-2 slots for aeoromancer and summoner but i think that might be over a year at this point.

We want no p2w mechanics, a DPS meter, constant flow of unique yet editable skins, more content that is both late game yet available for everyone, easier gems, more legendary engravings, Pheons to be removed, double the honing materials, triple the honing rates, quadruple the passes and not to have put any hours to get a regular yet effective grind going on in the game

And even though we would all like all of these changes, they have to weight the effects of these changes on the game and the company and sometimes those designs/benefits are just too skewed up in the favor of not giving out these things and it doesn’t happen. Classes are one of these things for varying reasons

bru br br brother they need content in the form of character release for “monetization”

we are all sad with it

Bro, raids are releasing faster than classes are. Which is stupid


No, we don’t. Just those with… issues… because it’s the only way to fuck up the raid and still be sure to be “the BEST!!!111!!!11” and flame everyone who actually did the freakin mechanics.

Yes we can.
Community here said a lot and constant about the realease of classes; 90% are good feedback. If they don’t want to change something that benefits the game, the sales and the general good condition of the game, that will be reflected over time. It was already written…(New World)

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well I don’t want a class every month.

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