Your Honing system

Sup, just pass by to say goodbye !
I really appriaciate the way you have to assault my wallet with honing system. Make me feel frustated for all the fails to open my wallet and spent some cash in or wait and farm for the time i dont have to have some progress that dont feel good. im having zero fun by now.
Let me just say that i will open my wallet with skins and some cool stuff, but this way of forcing me to do it trought the honing system nope !
Im a new player who realise where the dark side is. feels bad the games now days are like this. games are lost for ever.
Peace im out !

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I understand where you are coming from, but they aren’t forcing you to do anything.

Just say the game isn’t your cup of tea. There is nothing wrong with that.


Bye Felicia :wave:


Its understandable i think most can agree failing high % like 90% is definitely one of the most disheartening things in this game and can definitely see players quitting for this reason.

Hope you can find a game that suits your needs have a good one man.

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so like, if they removed your ability to hone gear as long as you had materials, removed all material costs and limited your honing attempts to 2 per day, would that make you feel less frustrated? Or what if there is no T3 content in the game right now, and you can upgrade all you want at T2?

any refinement/honing/upgrade system in games that has a chance to fail is essentially a time gate mixed with a bit of rng/gambling. you are not meant to progress that fast, unless you want to swipe or get lucky, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

WoW timegates your progression, and there is literally no way for you to bypass that. sure there’s low to no chance to fail, but it can take you months longer than games with RNG refining systems. (actually RNG loot drop is more painful tbh)

the game has been out for 3 weeks, and theres already people at T3.
Im a casual that didnt spend coin outside of founders pack and im like 4 upgrades away from hitting T3 content. this is all less than a month since NA release with no prior exprience or knowledge.

again, most mmos take just as long, or longer to get to the same point in the game progression, just that they hide it behind different time sinks and not necessarily gear upgrade systems.

I think anyone who can’t see past that is basically a potato


Thank your for kind words adventurers !
I come from a game called Arma 3 and Star Citizen.
were we go again boys!
Lostark is cool until you turn into a grind zombie mode, and fail all honings i respect people who like this but i dont i really lose the interest becouse isnt fun anymore :frowning:
I sincerely dont expect the game will turn into this like i say before it was the first time i play it, im new and like the game in general until i meet honing system. thats what forcing me to go play other things.
Stay cool guys !

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I think people have expectations and misplaced hopes. The game’s only been out less than month. The game was designed so that a player would reach 1000-1500 in few or several months, not in less than a month. That’s how mmo’s are designed. Also, keep in mind that people who have less time to play will reach it much slower.

Most impatient people will quit this game though because just want everything now. I understand you’re upset about not getting what you put in, but you may need to adjust your own expectation. But you quit anyway so whatever.

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Sadly they are nerfing the boss and not the honing, ppl cry about the wrong thing here in the western

You should have checked before starting playing…there is no surprise.

you don t need to do honing all the time, do other stuff…

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the gear honing at T2 is horrible. the Percentage after all this grind is bs. they should change the percentage a little higher.

How about you make gold and then just go for the currency exchange and you can buy things in Mari shop?
You know that you easily can make gold early on… right?
I don’t wanna bother you, but you’re giving up way too easy on a good game, after only failing a few upgrades, maybe the game isnt just for you if you dont like mmorpgs in general, but in LA you only have progress, you’re always getting forward since you got better upgrade chances next time and your gear isnt getting destroyed in any way.

Also there is so much other stuff to do, im sure you didn’t touch these at all and just cared about honing your materials.

Ofc you can progress better with some money, you’re not gonna find any other mmorpg that is more p2win friendly right now, you’re being in T1 or T2 and started whining, and those ppl give negative reviews, kinda sad.

This game is a slow game and there is no need to rush to endgame. Progression is still very easy and there’s no need at all to pay

just wait till you get new content and have 1% :adhesive_bandage:

People now-days are so used to instant gratification they don’t know what real accomplishment feels like anymore.

They literally are not forcing you to do anything. There’s a reason they give you two free powerpasses to t1 content. You are supposed to use them to gain more resources.

Weak mental, just not your game since you can’t control yourself.

I just don’t spend a dime and wait. I know exactly what this is. Time eventually wins. No matter how bullshit it is…

You’ll eventually progress without spending anything.

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sadly some people can’t. I am only spending money on aura and maybe a skin or two. I can make enough off of selling accessories on the market to buy crystals.