Your number 1 priority should be bots

screw patches fix etc etc your number 1 priority should be the completly out of control bots while your at it get rid of EAC cause it clearly is not doing its job suprise suprise . Bot are running rampant in all the low level areas Rethramis ,Yudia ,Luterra hard to report as they glitch through rocks buildings vanish completly and move at warp speed if you kill the bots you kill the gold spam no bots no gold to sell !!! get some GMs in game with a big freaking BANHAMMER and start swinging


Bots are still running havoc like a parasite…
I hate cheaters,bots, gold seller but AGS did ONE improvement after last server maintenance…
I notice the server queue was improved at least for NA West - Valtan.
One step at a time… I have low expectations for AGS but if they really listened, care and want the game they published to succeed then yeah Bots have to be close to non exist… (good luck with that :slight_smile: )

Edit: Personally i want their 2nd priority to release OCE server and option to transfer region together with scout class release… I know it’s not get there yet but do it this year with a clear road map!!

They stealth nerfed bots gold income but i agree, more needs to be done! They’re still around and now transitioning to farming 1-50 (takes 8 hours) vs 1-26 (takes 3 hours) since AGS nerfed 1-26 gold income from quests.