Your opinion matters here

Getting straight forward to the point, AGS is trying to delay so many of content till they fix the issues of the botting.

Am sure AGS is earning much less of profits than expected with bots around, but not to the point of losing money of operating this game and the prove is the limits of steam purchase still there.

So basically they dont want to release new content which could be more profitable and in same time profitable for the botters. Their top priority to remove the botters so they dont share the cake with them, even if it affected some legit players by nerfing the gold.

Moreover, releasing everything in same time wont be as appealing if it was released by bits. They have calculated the purchase power numbers of individuals and they know how much each will be able to spend on average. For example they can release things that worth 1000$ and things that worth 100$, the lower is more appeal and they will keep do it each 2 or 3 month so you dont feel you are spending alot.

I myself have done my part, I have reported any bots I have seen, I have paid for the ark pass, I have paid for Mari shop.

The real question is, how long the battle between AGS and bots will be? Also who will win in the end? Because in future it might be used as an excuse for other issues too