Youtuber with 1M subscribers reacts to CENSORED Lost Ark

GAME RUINED! Asmongold Reacts to CENSORED Lost Ark | by LOWE - YouTube

tl;dr: Asmongold does an excellent job breaking down why censorship and Amazon’s approach to Lost Ark matters to a large and diverse group of people.


No he doesn’t


Dam forgot to make my post :
“Youtubers with millions subscribers don’t react to CENSORED Lost Ark”

That guy don’t even play Lost Ark loul.
Be smart. When you look on his history videos, all he does is looking for drama.


Since Asmongold reacted to this “controversy”, it’s quite the backlash on social medias. A lot of people genuinely interested in the game weren’t aware of those changes, and don’t want to play it anymore, or are hesitating while they were 100% into it before.


But… AGS said this is localization to appeal to “Western audience” with their additive approach and diversity representation. How could there be backlash when this is what “western audience” wants?

Asmon actually did not even criticize AGS’ actions that harshly and was quite neutral on the topics imo, but he ended up spawning people who are kinda going to the extreme without doing much research into the matter who want to get some quick attention. As always, there will be some positive out of this as well as some negative.

EDIT: Already seeing steam forum overflowing with people making thread after thread on censorship. Also seeing quite a bit of bans being thrown out on people who are creating the topic and saying things like they’ve refunded because of censorship. It’s like censorship on censorship now I guess.


It’s too bad he couldn’t of done a video on this topic months ago. Maybe there would have still been time to revert the changes. Criticism is a lot harder to ignore when the issues are brought to the attention of hundreds of thousands of potential buyers.

JK that’s just copium I’m sure AGS would have stuck to whatever they think is best. Learning the hard way on my treasured game :sob:


I loved the game playing on RU. Literally the best game i have ever played, and i knew beforehand that amazon tend to ruin games by splashing with what ever on a perfect game. You don’t understand that this is one of the many changes that they will do. And yes iam a hard core fan of lost ark, and learned about the censorship from Asmon. I agree with asmon most of the time he is a smart guy. (most of the time)


What “perfect game” has Amazon ruined?


he’s right people in America have a problem with bikinis but gore, violence and guns? that’s just fine.


it’s logical.

Bikiny = more people. Nobody wants that on the overpopulated planet.

Guns, violence = less people. Now if we only could find a way to get a population little lower… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just watch the reaction of live chat as the changes are being mentioned lol

Check out what Korean says about NA/EU censored and localization, they are not happy with this as well.
Be honest I Thought China is the only country would do this kind of censorship, can not believe this happens to the nation of free.
RU JP didn’t not censored the game why only Amazon? What Amazon did to the game is not respecting Korean culture and Smilegate’s hard works.


It may be news to some, but every rich country has done censorship, propaganda, torture and whatever you can think of. Most poorer ones too. China is just upfront about it, censorship is their mainstream, and it’s everywhere. Human beings are the same everywhere physically, same brains, only our culture is different.


Why do they even care? It’s not like they gonna play on our servers.

Oh it’s not Amazon fault. Ofc they would have not do that if they didn’t have to. It’s part of our western mentality that asks to be multi cultural even in games. This is also why you can have tv series without at least one black people in it. Amazon is only respecting every law they can find.
There are plenty of associations ready to do a trial on Amazon if they don’t respect everything. I still remember the one Bioware got for Mass Effect Andromeda…

If your favorite game gets butchered overseas by a publisher, would you not care?

Simply untrue. Just because few minority who are vocal on social media and keep throwing temper tantrum, that doesn’t mean they represent “western mentality”. Vast majority of people in the west do not feel the way these lunatics do. To say or to even suggest “western audience” care deeply against display of feminine sexuality and forced diversity is just what these people with agenda want you to believe.

Seriously…? This is just getting beyond funny that it’s sad.



What a take. Ironically enough, the entire reason why AGS are even doing this is to be ‘respectful’ towards specific cultures. Yet here you are, openly disrespecting a culture that is having its writing replaced within the game to suit another culture. Meanwhile, you’re blabbing on about ‘AGS did nothing wrong’ logic, immediately contradicting yourself.


So what you are saying is that SmileGate allowed these changes even if it’s not respectful of their culture?

Yeah I would not care at all. And “butchered” seems to be a bit overreacting for me.

To be honest I have no idea what went on in the meeting room when they finalised the changes, but I am sceptical to the agreeableness that they would have demonstrated over this. You’re right to point that out though, i’ll take the L.