Yoz Jar aka Ripoff Cauldron or way for RMTers to make a Fortune Critique


with these chars basically costing Skins and 100 Blue Crystals AGS brings another mechanic that favors RMT… RMTers just gonna buy Skins Galore to Dismantle and roll most wanted Legendary Skins and sell them for Huge Profit…

AGS before u Release Content that is RMTable for a Profit change your fucking Policy on RMT to Permaban instead of a slap on the wrist… oh u bought 10m gold? 3 day ban hf with gold… RMTers that have leftovers from a big investment or even new RMTers 100€ is 70k gold round about … 10€ ~ for 950 blue crystals = 3 times better exchange rate than royal crystals to blue crystals… and 100% ~ more on royals to gold…

all u do is giving RMTers the opportunity to make big Profit… someone can spend 100€ or more on RMT getting 70k or more getting a desired skin and selling it for a price so they end up with more gold than they invested in RMT for… (dunno for how much a single skin piece will sell… but some RMTer allready brag about having spent 500k on skins on the market for yoz yar…

TL:DR: AGS dont do Yoz Jar just sell them directly for a higher Price(12000 Royal Crystals full Set) and the epics from Yoz Yar 2500 Blue Crystals in shop… so this skins just wont turn RMT galore… (Who at AGS i thinking that this is a good idea with how much RMT is going on? oh wait its the fucking investors that are just after the $$$$)




12000 Royal Crystal for a full set?! r u crazy? I only pay up to 10k royal crystal for a full set, no more than that

Better than Paying either 300k gold or more in market or spend 500-1000€ on the rng… if i really like a skin that would be my outmost maximum i would opt to directly pay…

Get 10k RC convert it to gold buy the skin from the AH - Profit.

if the skin is expensive af in the market u not gonna have enough with 10k RC… might cost u then 30k+ in RC… or even more… id expect something like 120k RC to gold for legendary skins price in market… why should they sell for less? (full set)

Then just wait till RMTers get their skins (you only need 1 set) and prices will go down then you buy it, or buy a few lootboxes and if you are lucky you can get a huge amount of money from the RMTers